Building a sustainable business

We're living in an unprecedented time of environmental crisis.


From climate change, to plastic pollution, and species extinction. The challenges are enormous and urgent.

The responsibility for tackling them lies with all of us.


At Simplyhealth, our business is health. And we know that without a healthy planet, humans won’t be healthy either.

So we take our environmental responsibilities seriously for many reasons.


Our sustainability programme is extensive and covers everything. From our carbon footprint, to responsible paper use, the health of our people, and to our impact to local communities.


We've set targets for positive change. These will ensure we continuously improve our environmental footprint. Whilst our progress will be monitored by independent sustainability experts, Bioregional.


We know it’s important to our customers that we make green business choices. So we’ve already taken lots of action.


Our programme of change stretches to 2025 and beyond. Since 2017, we’ve made some great progress towards becoming a more sustainable business.


Here's some of the things we’ve done:

Moss wall in Simplyhealth office
  • Put LED lighting into all our buildings.
  • Increased our recycling rate to 76%. The remainder of our waste is incinerated for energy recovery.
  • Replaced our carpets with tiles from Interface. They're made from 100% green energy and fully circular recycled materials.
  • Installed electric car charging points for colleague and visitor use.
  • Established a policy to introduce hybrid vehicles to our fleet.
  • Replaced a number of our business vehicles with electric ones.
  • Used recycled work surfaces in our social areas.
  • Upcycled or recycled office furniture wherever we can.
  • Recycled all our old computers.
  • Installed new bike sheds.
  • Created a more modern work environment for our colleagues.
  • Introduced an extensive wellbeing programme for our colleagues.
  • FSC accredited
  • Carbon Neutral
Carbon neutral organisation logo

We have achieved Carbon Neutral + status from March 2021 for 12 months with Carbon Footprint Ltd


We achieved our new status by cutting our carbon emissions and then offsetting our remaining emissions whilst supporting

three international energy efficiency projects aimed at helping communities in other parts of the world.

International energy efficiency project

These include a project in Sudan, which replaces stone fires with fuel efficient stoves, reduced deforestation and forest degradation in Brazil, and a borehole rehabilitation project in Uganda. In addition, we plan to plant some 500 trees in the UK in 2021.


To lower our carbon emissions, we purchase electricity which is independently certified as 100% ‘green’ under the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) scheme and proactively manage the reduction of our remaining emissions through our All Together Healthier project. For example, switching our Fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles, sending zero waste to landfill, recycling as much of our waste as technically possible and recycling all of our computers and electrical waste.


When calculating our carbon emissions, we include all of our direct and indirect emissions including the carbon emissions created by our colleagues working from home. 

It's great that as part of our refreshed approach to sustainability at Simplyhealth, we have the opportunity to contribute to some innovative projects that are committed to making a positive impact on local communities and the environment in other parts of the world. We understand that it is our responsibility to protect the resources and ecosystem of the planet upon which we are all dependent.