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At Simplyhealth we partner with Health Assured, an award winning provider of workplace wellbeing services. Together we ensure our clients employees receive the support they need through 24/7 confidential counselling and advice.

 For many, the global pandemic has been a cause of stress and anxiety. In fact, mental health charity Mind highlight that 60% of adults reported a decline in mental health as a result of the coronavirus lockdown1. Supporting this, Health Assured have seen over 3,000 extra calls as a result of the pandemic. It's evident that now more than ever, employees need the support of their employer to help them to look after their mental health

Our service with Health Assured

Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy


Network of 1,650 UK based qualified counsellors

36% return to work rate for employees unable to work due to anxiety or depression


Included in your clients employee plans

24/7 confidential counselling

Unlimited access to a confidential 24/7 helpline, 365 days a year. Your clients employees can call our helpline at any time, to chat to a qualified counsellor straight away. This 'in the moment' telephone support is designed to help employees when they need help it most.

Six structured therapy sessions

If your clients employees need more formal support following assessment, they will be offered structured therapy. As part of their benefit entitlement employees have access to up to six telephone sessions, per issue, per year with the addition of six face-to-face sessions if your clients have opted to provide extra support.


Employees can receive support for issues including but not limited to:

  • Legal concerns - probate, power of attorney and legal disputes
  • Finances - managing debt, money and living on reduced income
  • Addictions - gambling, alcohol and drugs
  • Care aid - carers of dependents and those with illness or disability.

Top three reasons our customers use this helpline

  • Mental health
  • Legal
  • Relationships

Extra support for your clients employees

SilverCloud CBT Courses

Following clinical assessment by a counsellor, CBT may be highlighted as the best course of action. Your clients employees can take part in self-led online courses that they can work through at their own pace. There are 30 different programmes available of which suitability will be determined by the counsellor. Now also including 'Alcohol Awareness'.  


Support for employees after they leave your organisation
Just because your clients employees decide to move on, it doesn't mean their support has to stop straight away. We continue to provide services up to 3 months after they leave.

Alternative access to services
Health Assured offer interpreters for 240 languages and live agent chat, making seeking help easy.

Staying mentally well

We want to promote positive mental wellbeing and provide ways in which you can adapt and thrive.

So we've partnered with authorities in the field, including award-winning author Liggy Webb and mindfulness experts HeadUp Labs, the people behind the successful HeadUp health and fitness app, to create a selection of articles to help boost your mental health.

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