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Giving our intermediaries the first look into the new world of healthcare, our flexible model, and how we're pioneering AI.

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A new generation of health benefits

Our Health Plan is evolving, and we want to ensure our intermediaries are the first to hear about what's new.

Keep checking this page for the latest insights into our market-leading benefits and strategic partners. The evolution of our Health Plan will ensure your clients are receiving the very best healthcare, as we offer game-changing solutions to the market.

Our product and strategic partner updates

Alongside growing our business to serve more people across the UK, we're expanding our network of trusted, best-in-class healthcare partners and providers.

Together, we're able to deliver affordable services and benefits to our customers and communities, all with the intention of delivering our purpose: improving access to healthcare for all in the UK.

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Access to a counselling and advice helpline available 24/7, as well as up to 6 sessions of solution focused counselling per year, if clinically appropriate.

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Real-time, digital muscle and joint pain assessments to advise on the next best steps towards recovery.

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Easy access to affordable in-person physiotherapy, with over 300 clinics nationwide and a discounted price of £39.50 per session. logo

Quick and direct access to imaging and scans at discounted rates, with no referral needed.

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24/7 access to a GP, with video and telephone appointments available in a few clicks.

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Access to women's health and wellness solutions with discounts on sustainable products.

Health Plan Evolution: The event

On 1st February 2024, we held a game-changing event at OXO Tower London, introducing our intermediaries to the new generation of health benefits.

Our CEO, Nick Potter, was joined by special guest Joe Wicks to reiterate just how important health and wellbeing provision is today.

Event speaker sessions included:

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Our product evolution

Simple, affordable and inclusive access to healthcare, with unparalleled benefits, new products, and collaborations.

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A bespoke, flexible model

Going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach for employees, our new, flexible model allows us to meet the unique needs of each client.

Nick Potter - Acting Chief Executive Officer, speaking at the Simplyhealth Health Plan Evolution broker event

Pioneering AI for our customers

Offering best-in-class service, using innovative artificial intelligence solutions which revolutionise the way we engage with, and serve, our customers.

Keep checking back for our recorded event speaker sessions

Woman reading the Evolution Echo newspaper at the Health Plan Evolution event

Download your copy of the Evolution Echo

Shared at our OXO Tower event, learn more about our new Health Plan offering and how businesses are offering health solutions and seeing ROI.

Why 2024 is a critical time for Health Plans

Demands on the NHS are too high

  • Almost 8 million people are on a waiting list for NHS treatment1
  • 1 in 3 struggle to get through to their family GP2

Employees are turning to private

  • 1 in 6 people in the UK are going private4
  • 1.7 million people earning under £40k a year are paying for private health5

But access isn’t always easy

  • Private health can have high and hidden costs
  • Knowing who to trust can be daunting when there are so many choices

What’s next for Simplyhealth?

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We're committed to making working with us as seamless as possible. That's why we're developing a digital Broker Quote Tool, allowing you to serve your clients quickly and efficiently. No obstacles - just log in, build a plan and get a quote within minutes, any time, anywhere.

Our new, modular product, coupled with our trusted partners and services provide tailored, affordable access to healthcare at great value.

Build a plan for your clients' industries and more importantly, their employees.

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