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Challenges in recruitment and retention

Britain’s employment picture is a complex one, with significant labour shortages being felt in many sectors across the country. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), hospitality, admin and retail struggle the most with retention1, holding back much-needed growth in the economy. Among the issues being faced are:

Changes to the expectations from staff, such as being able to work flexibly.

Employees now expect a provision that prioritises their wellbeing and mental health.

A significant increase in the numbers of long term sick, due to long NHS waiting times.

The increasing costs of childcare and care for the elderly.

A smaller pool of foreign labour as a result of post-Brexit immigration rules.

Fewer workers with the right training and skillsets for particular roles.

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The Maria Mallaband Care Group (MMCG)

Maria Mallaband, one of the UK’s largest independent care providers with over 80 sites and around 5,500 employees joined Simplyhealth in 2012.

The company’s leadership team was determined to place their staff’s wellbeing at the heart of their recruitment and retention planning. In 2022, MMCG embarked on a journey to improve the healthcare provision they offered through Simplyhealth.

We believe the benefits of the Simplyhealth Plan is making a real difference to our colleagues' wellbeing and brings to life one of our core values: caring.

- Farouk Mangera, HR Operations Director of MMCG

Using data and industry insights to help shape better employee offerings

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Investing in the right benefits to reflect your brand

A decent salary is no longer enough to be competitive with 33% of employers increasing their pay and benefits offering2. Read more on how companies are keeping up with ever-changing employee expectations.

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Boost engagement with industry benchmarking

Levels of sickness absence are currently the highest in a decade, at 7.8 days per employee per year3. Access a wealth of data on key areas like absence management, wellbeing benefits and mental health with CIPD’s 2023 Report.


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Empower your people & help them feel their best at work

Health and wellbeing are front of mind for many employees and as an employer, you can be a part of their journey too. Read our article for more on holistic wellbeing support and strategies.

Faoruk Mangera speaking at the CIPD ACE

Utilising rewards to improve colleague wellbeing

Watch Faoruk Mangera, HR Operations Director of the MMCG present at the CIPD ACE, touching on how their People Team was able to ask the right questions to better support, engage and attract employees. 

Other client's journeys

Ipeco case study

Ipeco: Simple, accessible healthcare

Providing an accessible health benefit, to support physical and mental wellbeing, that was easy for people to use.

Baywater Healthcare case study

Baywater Healthcare: Cost-effective everyday health

Empowering an office-based and mobile workforce to look after their health and wellbeing at work, at home and on the go.


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