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Easy access to muscle, bone and joint assessments and professional help so you can get back to doing the things you love, quicker

Get back to life pain-free with access to quick assessments and discounted treatments

Ready to reclaim your active lifestyle? With a Simplyhealth plan, you'll have quick and easy access to muscle, bone and joint pain assessments, as well as access to book discounted private scans and physio treatment. It's time to ease those aches and pains and get moving again.


Get seen

  • Access personalised muscle and joint pain assessments from the comfort of your home.
  • Access to book discounted private MRI, CT, Ultrasound scans and X rays without the need for a referral.


Get healthy

  • Access to book discounted face-to-face physiotherapy treatments through the Simplyhealth portal or SimplyPlan app.
  • Get a digital exercise programme tailored to your condition, to help you manage your own care, supported by close communication with a clinician.*


Fund your treatment

  • Whether you need a physio, an osteopath, a chiropractor, or an acupuncturist, you can get money back towards your treatment costs. Claim back fast via our app or online, with no excess to pay.

Have a physiotherapist at your fingertips

With Simplyhealth, you can access digital muscle and joint pain assessments, discounted physio appointments, and money back towards physio, osteopathy, acupuncture and chiropractor treatments. Plans start from £20 per month.

Get seen

Phio app on smart phone screen

Personalised muscle and joint pain assessments


Get an instant digital assessment tailored to your needs, seamlessly guiding you towards the right treatment path, making it quick and easy to access expert care.

A digital muscle and joint pain assessment tool captures all the relevant information about your injury or condition, and immediately guides you to the appropriate treatment option, including self-management, physiotherapy sessions or seeing a GP. If the recommended treatment is to manage your condition at home, you will get instant access to a personalised movement plan.

We offer this service in partnership with Phio, created by physiotherapists. Available to all Health Plan members from within the SimplyPlan app or portal, 24/7.

Woman having an MRI scan

Discounted private diagnostic scans


As a Health Plan member, you get access to book discounted, private diagnostic MRI, CT, Ultrasound scans and X rays online in minutes. You don’t even need a clinical referral to book, saving you time and money.


In partnership with, we offer our members access to book a scan across a network of over 150 scanning centres. You can choose the right scanning centre based on its location, cost and to suit your schedule.


You will receive an interactive patient-friendly report to help you understand your results and the service includes a pre-scan and post-scan consultation call with a clinician to discuss your needs and results.

Get healthy

Ascenti physiotherapist holding a person's wrist

Discounted face-to-face physiotherapy treatments


With a Simplyhealth plan, you get access to discounted face-to-face physiotherapy sessions at over 300 clinics, when booked through the Simplyhealth portal or SimplyPlan App.


As a member you pay a discounted rate of £39.50 per session, and you can easily claim back towards the cost using your Physiotherapy benefit (subject to annual limits).


We have partnered with Ascenti, a leading provider in physiotherapy services, to offer our members this treatment option. Your membership also includes free access to the Ascenti Physio app for up to 12 months after discharge to support ongoing rehabilitation.


Phio app on smart phone screen

Tailored digital exercise programmes


When you complete your instant digital muscle and joint assessment, our partner Phio captures the relevant information to determine your next best steps to recovery.

If self-management is the best course of action you will get access to the Phio Engage App. Phio Engage is a digital self-management app which will create a personalised exercise plan for you to help you manage your own recovery.

A specialist physiotherapist is assigned to you and is available to support you every step of the way.

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Great and easy app to use. Great service and very quick to pay; so easy to raise a claim and it was paid within 3 days. You have made the customer journey very easy indeed.

- Amanda, October 2023
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How it works

Once you’ve got your 1-2-3 Health Plan, you just need to download our SimplyPlan app or log in to your Simplyhealth account.


Then you can: 

  • Access instant digital muscle and joint pain assessments, for guidance on your next steps towards recovery
  • Get access to book discounted face-to-face physio appointments and discounted private MRI, CT, Ultrasound scans and X rays 
  • Claim back towards treatment cost

Get access to our muscle and joint care services today

For access to our muscle, bone and joint care options and much more, get our 1-2-3 Health Plan from just £20 a month.

*If self-management is the best course of action, following your Phio Access assessment.