How much does a visit to the dentist cost?

by Victoria Cummins | Mar 16, 2019 | Treatments


Visiting the dentist is a trip into the unknown. You never know what treatment you’re going to need. Even if everything seems fine, you might be recommended to have some preventative treatment.


Rest assured, your dentist won’t perform any costly work on your teeth without speaking to you first. They’ll run through what you need to have done, why they’re recommending it, and the cost. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions and make sure you understand your options and associated costs.


Dentistry is one of the few areas of the NHS where you pay towards your care. NHS dentistry charges are split into three bands. Band one covers basic care, like your check-up. Band two for moderate treatment, such as a filling. And band three includes complex work such as crowns or dentures.


NHS dental charges in England


NHS band Cost
Band one (basic treatment) £23.80
Band two (moderate treatment) £65.20
Band three (complex treatment) £282.80

Updated 14 December 2020


NHS dental charges in Wales


NHS band Cost
Band one (basic treatment) £14.30
Band two (moderate treatment) £46.00
Band three (complex treatment) £199.10


NHS dental charges in Scotland and Northern Ireland


In Scotland and Northern Ireland, you’ll pay 80% of the cost of your dental treatment, up to a maximum of £384.


Private dental charges


The cost of private dental treatment varies from dentist to dentist. Most dental practices are very transparent with their private treatment pricing. So you should be able to look up the private treatment costs of your local dentist online. They will also be able to provide you with their prices in the practice.


On average, it's likely your private dental treatment will cost more than going through the NHS.


However, with private treatment, you will receive additional time with your dentist which they will spend looking at your mouth for early signs of oral health problems. They'll have more time to spend with you to discuss and improve your oral health routine.


If you would like the added benefits of going private, our Denplan dental payment plans are a fantastic way to spread the cost.

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Keeping on top of dental costs


Your dentist may recommend that you visit more frequently. Or suggest you may need to invest in some preventative treatment in the near future. This can mean your dental costs rise steeply.


One way to combat expensive, one-off or long-term dental fees is to invest in a dental plan. A dental plan, like our Simply Dental Plan, helps spread the cost of dental visits and treatments. And can be used for NHS or private dental treatment.


Our research found that 35% of people who didn't visit the dentist regularly in 2019 said they 'couldn't afford it'. Yet, the best way to bring down dental costs is to visit regularly as well as having a prevention is better than cure attitude to your oral health.


You'll pay a monthly subscription for a Simply Dental Plan starting at £9.55. As a member, you’ll be able to claim back the costs of your dentist bills.


With a Simply Dental Plan, you can claim:

  • 100% of your check-up costs
  • 75% of scale and polish bills
  • 50% for any treatments you have
  • 100% of the cost of treatment for a dental accident
  • 100% towards a dental emergency visit
  • One-off payment of £5,000 if you're diagnosed with mouth cancer
  • £50 for each day or night you're in hospital for dental treatment
  • Worldwide dental accident and emergency cover

All up to the annual limits of your plan. Some claims have a three month qualifying period.

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