Health and wellbeing at work 2023

We're proud to partner with CIPD to deliver the 2023 Health and Wellbeing at Work report.

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With sickness absence at a 10 year high, employers have a role to play in supporting the health and wellbeing of their employees. Investing in a proactive strategy, organisations will reap the rewards of a workforce whose health and wellbeing is known to be a priority

3 key findings from 2023


Employers need to keep employee wellbeing at the top of their agenda

  • 70% of respondents see their health and wellbeing activity as an opportunity to boost employee engagement.


Mental health and musculoskeletal (MSK) issues are the top causes of long-term absence

  • Levels of sickness absence are the highest in a decade at 7.8 days per employee per year.


Employers could provide more wellbeing support throughout life stages

  • Just 46% offer support for menopause transition, and 47% for chronic health conditions or disabilities.

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Providing a wealth of benchmarking data on key areas like absence management, wellbeing benefits and mental health, the report can help you take the steps to support your employees’ wellbeing through industry standard guidance.

How the report can help:

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  • Offer industry benchmarking to see how you compare against other UK companies
  • Get industry-specific insights into employee health and wellbeing.

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Discover the latest findings of the Health and Wellbeing at Work survey, our 13th year in partnership with CIPD.

Source - all data has been referenced from the Health and Wellbeing at Work report