Our investment approach

We're investing in pioneering, UK-focused, early stage healthcare businesses in the HealthTech sector.

One healthy investment at a time.

What we look for

We want to hear from like-minded ground-breaking companies that focus on UK healthcare, who are ideally at Seed to Series B stage.


Our next investment partner has:


  • Big ideas and clear plans to execute with demonstrable product market fit and ambitious plans to scale
  • Operations in the UK
  • Where appropriate, the ability to improve the Simplyhealth Group's core value proposition
  • A track record to be proud of, industry credibility and technical kudos
  • Bags of energy and business drive

What we offer

A unique and attractive proposition for HealthTech start-ups as a purpose-led Group, only investing our own capital to help transform the UK healthcare economy.


  • Brand reputation - Simplyhealth has a strong reputation in UK healthcare
  • Internal expertise - Over 150 years of knowledge and healthcare experience combined with an incubator mentality
  • A significant customer base - which could be leveraged to accelerate growth plans where the technology aligns to our product roadmap – a classic corporate venture approach
  • Financial investment - we have a multi-year deployment plan investing £500k to £2m initially

We strongly believe in backing fantastic management teams with great ideas. People are at the heart of everything we do.

We've identified core areas for the fund to concentrate on:

  • Areas in which the NHS cannot continue to serve effectively

  • Mental health support

  • Weight loss support, linked to medical condition management

  • Dental

  • Scans

  • Testing
  • Post-acute care support

  • Gut health

  • Female health

  • Chronic condition management

  • Secondary care technologies

  • Genomics

We're embracing the rapid change in UK healthcare and are committed to supporting companies with the same vision to provide better access to healthcare for all in the UK.

Our portfolio

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