Simply Communities

Introducing the launch of Simply Communities, a hybrid version of community rating and new pricing approach designed to better meet the needs of your clients

Making renewals fair and affordable for all

Your smaller clients are often exposed to high premiums when staff use their policy, giving other, larger companies an unfair advantage in what they can offer current staff and future talent.
Simplyhealth want to change that.

A sustainable solution:

By being part of the community pricing pool, clients with less than 250 employees are at a lower risk of high premiums at renewal

Clients with a claims loss ratio of up to 90% will only receive a 5% increase in premium at renewal

There is no compromise on the product with all providers and service levels remaining the same

So, what does this look like for your clients?

Simply Communities is a new pricing approach designed to better meet the needs of your SME clients with under 250 policies.

This hybrid version of community rating means clients with a CLR under 90% will receive a 5% increase. For schemes over 91%, the increase applied is outlined in the table below.

Community banded rating


Client CLR Increase Typical increases outside community rating
CLR between 0 – 90% 5% increase  
CLR between >90% - 120% 20% increase 91% CLR – 36.5% increase
CLR between >120% - 150% 35% increase 121% CLR – 81.5% increase
CLR over >150% 50% increase 151% CLR – 126.5% increase

Frequently asked questions

Is this change permanent?

Does this apply to all plan types?

When is this effective from?

What MI is available?

What if my client wants a better or different rate?

Does the <250 figure include partners and children?

Speak to your Account Manager for more details by contacting [email protected]