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99% of customers are offered an appointment to talk to a GP within 3 hours.

(January to September 2021)


Source: Jan- Sept 2021 Squarehealth Analytical report


The convenience of having a GP in the palm of your hand. There when you need them. No waiting rooms. No feeling of putting off your healthcare because it's an inconvenience. Book your video consultation and you could be talking to a GP within 3 hours.


And we know how busy life can be, you might not be able to just take time out of your day, which is why our appointments are available at times that suit you. Day or night. 24/7. 


The Simplyhealth Plan starts from £7.50 a month, and all levels include access to SimplyConsult, our video GP app.


Other features of the app include video physio assessment and repeat prescription ordering, with free delivery.

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Why use Simplyhealth's Video GP?

Advice. Reassurance. Diagnosis. Medication. Referrals.


24/7 appointments when you need them


You'll nearly always be offered an appointment within 3 hours of requesting one.


This was the case for 99% of patients between January and September 2021. And you'll be given choices, to fit around your schedule.

Choose the doctor that's right for you


All of our GPs have profiles you can view, and you pick the doctor. We don't pick for you. Your appointment isn't taken from a pile.


And, to make sure you have a personal level of care, you can choose to see the same GP if you need another appointment, as long as they have availability in the next 7 days.

Easy-to-share medical notes


You can access your doctor's notes from each appointment whenever you want within the app.


And to make sure all your healthcare is aligned, there's a button to email them to anyone. Your doctor's practice, your physio. It's there if and when you need it.

Prescriptions after an appointment


Been prescribed medication by the GP? You could get it within hours through our nominated pharmacy pathway. We'll find an appropriate pharmacy local to you, email the prescription, and you can head over to collect it when it's ready. Your GP will discuss other options to get your prescription to you should your local pharmacy not accept emailed prescriptions


We also have a repeat prescription service. With free delivery, you can arrange for your NHS repeat prescriptions to be sent to your home address.


92% of patients say the GP helped alleviate their concerns.

(January to September 2021)


Source: Jan- Sept 2021 Squarehealth Analytical report

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How does it work?

You'll need a Simplyhealth Plan before you can use our online doctor service. Find the health plan that fits your lifestyle.

Once you have a health plan that includes SimplyConsult, our process is easy:



App download icon


Once you've downloaded SimplyConsult, open the app and register using your Simplyhealth details.


Healthcare icon


Select Health Services, and choose who the appointment is for.


Paper medical profile icon


You will be asked to fill out a short medical profile, which includes details on current medication, allergies and your NHS GP.


GP access icon


Select Video GP Consultation, follow the steps to choose a day and time to suit you.


Calendar icon


You’ll receive a text reminder 15 minutes before your appointment, and a 30-second countdown. To start your appointment simply log into the app. When the ‘join’ button turns purple, tap it to begin.


GP notes icon


After your appointment, you can view your GP’s notes in the SimplyConsult app and can email them quickly and easily.

What our members say:


"I found the Simplyhealth online GP service to be an extremely easy, well thought out process that saves a lot of time and hassle.


I struggle to get hold of an appointment with my local GP in any good time and I got an appointment with the online GP within a few hours of even installing the app.


The app itself is easy to use and worked well for me. I used this service for a second opinion and my mind was put at ease at how quickly I got a video call time. The GP was very clear and helpful, I think this service is perfect for people with anxiety due to covid."



- Liam, March 2021

"Had a problem with my eyes and didn’t want to wait two weeks for an appointment with the doctor.


Was ‘seen’ immediately and got good clear advice and a list of medications I could buy over the counter.


Would recommend and use again if/when necessary."


- Faye, March 2021

"I found my first use of GP Service offered by Simplyhealth was fast and efficient.


The App installed easily and the appointment service operated well."


- Michal, March 2021

“Making the appointment was easy with a choice of times to suit me. The doctor was prompt to the appointment time, listened carefully without rushing.


His bedside manner was very good talking me through the diagnosis and treatment and also mentioned that I could arrange further appointments if I wished.


Easier than trying to contact my own GP!”


- Barry, March 2021

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What can an online doctor treat?


Whilst our online doctors aren't hands-on, they can still diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.


Some of the most common queries in our GP appointments include: 


  • Skin complaints including rashes, moles, and other skin lumps
  • Women's health including contraception
  • Ear, nose and throat problems including hayfever
  • Joint and Muscular problems including strains and sprains
  • Men's health including prostate problems
  • Back/neck problems including sciatica
  • Digestive disorders including indigestion, stomach and bowel problems
  • Colds/flu and other minor infectious symptoms

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Our Video GP service is provided by

Square Health - always there healthcare logo

Got a question? We may have the answer:

Who provides this GP service?

Simplyhealth have partnered with Square Health to provide their GP services to our clients.

Square Health has been clinically chosen by Simplyhealth to provide this video GP appointment and physio assessment app, SimplyConsult. Along with telephone GP appointments. Together, we work to deliver a trusted service to our customers.

Square Health gives you access to over 5,000 medical specialists across the UK. Their Video GP service allows you to speak face-to-face to a doctor at a convenient time and from the comfort of your own home.

Square Health is the culmination of over 20 years of experience within the healthcare sector. Our founders are practising doctors who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the delivery of medical services.

Consultations are provided by Square Health Limited - By booking a consultation you are agreeing to Square Health’s terms and conditions and consenting to data being collected and shared for legitimate purposes as detailed in Square Health’s privacy policy.

How do I speak to a GP?

To speak to a GP simply download the SimplyConsult app, register using the same details previously provided, click on GP, and enter a few details regarding the reason you are calling.  You can select a male or female GP and choose a day and time suitable for you. You will receive a reminder via text 15 minutes prior to the appointment.

To get started you just need to log into the App. Then when the consultation button turns purple, just tap it to begin.

Following the appointment a copy of the notes will be available on the app, giving you the chance to review any advice given during the consultation and enabling you to download these notes as necessary to share with healthcare practitioners.  If you have used the service before you can even choose to see the same GP again (subject to availability)

Can I choose to speak to a male or female GP?

Where possible, we will always try to accommodate your preference to speak to a male or female GP. All of our GPs are friendly, experienced, NHS practising GPs, with exactly the same qualifications as your own NHS GP.

What sort of things can I ask about?

Anything you would normally ask your own GP. For example, about any vaccinations you might need if you’re travelling, or if you have sensitive or confidential concerns, or need explanations of diagnosis or treatment, aches and pains or any health issues related to your age or any other health-related query you might have.

Can you issue a sick note?


Your Square Health doctor will go through all the usual information, including likely return dates and any special instructions for your employer.

Your sick note/ fit for work note will be ready to email or post to you immediately following your appointment.

Do I need to do anything before my appointment

Please make sure you are available at the time of your appointment and check the app is working on your smart phone.

You will need to explain your symptoms and/or condition with the doctor, so please make sure you are in a suitable environment, and where both you and the doctor can hear.


What is the service availability?

The GP appointment service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The physio assessment service is available Mon – Fri: 8am - 7pm. Sat: 10am – 1pm. Closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

Will I still need to see a GP?

Many of our customers receive the advice, reassurance and, where appropriate, diagnosis they need from the GP. The GPs can assist with most questions you may want to ask a GP, but there may be some cases where you may have to see your own GP.

What should I do if I need an emergency appointment?

Please also note that this service is not appropriate for treatment in an emergency or life-threatening situation, for example chest pains, breathing problems, suspected stroke or bone fracture, severe bleeding or loss of consciousness. If you believe that you, or any person you are assisting, needs urgent or emergency treatment you should immediately dial 999 or seek alternative emergency medical services.

Can the GPs issue a prescription?

Yes. If the GP thinks it’s appropriate, they can issue a prescription to be sent to you. They can also arrange for the medication to be delivered to you directly should you wish. There is a cost for this service which will not be covered by Simplyhealth. 

What happens if under exemption arrangements I don't pay for prescriptions?

Your current exemptions will not apply.  If you require a prescription following your medical consultation you will be required to pay for the prescription medicine.  Your Square Health doctor will go through this with you during your consultation.

Where will my medical records be kept?

Following your consultation, your health history will be updated within the app and stored securely by Square Health

Who should I contact if I have a query with the app? 

For any queries relating to your Simplyhealth Plan or the app, please contact customer services on 0370 908 3481. Mon to Fri: 8am to 8pm or Sat: 9am to 3pm.

Video GP terms and conditions

  1. Simplyhealth will not be held responsible if you experience any delay or failure in the provision of this helpline that is beyond our control, or that of the service providers.
  2. Controlled medication cannot be prescribed. The GPs comply with the General Medical Council code for remote prescribing. If you cannot satisfactorily answer the GP’s questions, they may not be able to raise a private prescription.
  3. The issuing and postage of privately prescribed medication incurs an additional cost to you. It is not included as part of the GP and physio service.