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What is the difference between a health cash plan and private medical insurance?


Private medical insurance provides treatment for unexpected, more expensive health issues. Whereas cash plans help you to budget for your everyday healthcare costs and can help prevent more serious health issues from arising. 


Even the most affordable private medical insurance scheme will cost several hundred pounds a year more than a health cash plan, which can start from around just £10 a month. The price of a cash plan is also not affected by your age, unlike private medical insurance where this is a factor used to decide your premium.

What does a cash plan cover?

Cash plans help you budget for the cost of visiting the dentist, optician, physiotherapist and a number of other healthcare professionals. You pay a monthly premium, and then claim back the cost of those visits, up to your annual payment limits. Plus, you don't need a GP referral so you can be seen straight away.


Dental benefit

Dental check-ups; crowns, bridges and fillings; root canal treatment; and much more


Optical benefit

Sight test fees; prescription glasses, sunglasses and swimming goggles; contact lenses and much more

Physical therapies

Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, accupuncture, homeopathy

Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractc, accupuncture and homeopathy


Chiropody and podiatry

Treatment and assessments supplied by a chiropodist or podiatrist; consultations with a pidiatric surgeon; and much more

Diagnostic consultations

Diagnostic consultations

Fees for diagnostic consultations as a private patient; blood tests or visual field tests; and much more

Hospital stays

Hospital stays

If you are admitted to hospital, or stay over ight with one of your children, this benefit can help with costs for things like travel or parking

New child payment

New child payment

Receive a single cash payment on the arrival of a new child born or adopted into your family

Additional benefits

Additional benefits

Speak to a GP any time, anywhere; access to advice and counselling services; submit your claims 24/7

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What does private medical cover?

Private medical insurance covers the cost of diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses, allowing you to be treated privately and under certain policies, at the hospital you choose.



If you're feeling unwell, you can have your illness diagnosed quickly. You should see your GP and contact your private medical insurance provider, and they will arrange a referral if required.


This includes tests such as x-rays, blood tests and scans.



If you've been diagnosed with an illness, private medical insurance can ensure that you receive the necessary treatment to get better.


This could include surgery, drugs and psychiatric treatments.


Some policies will cover heart conditions and cancer under treatment, on others this may be a separate module.


Depending on the type of policy you buy, pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered and other exclusions may apply.

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