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  • Speak to a GP via telephone or video call, today. 
  • Book a virtual aches and pains assessment to determine your next best steps

Our digital healthcare services help you when you need it most. Whether you need to speak to an experienced GP for you or your family, or support with aches and pains, our dedicated partners can help.

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Book a GP appointment

Speak to a GP anytime with consultations via telephone or video:

  • Simply register using the button below and your Simplyhealth login (e-mail address) to book a GP consultation.

You can book a GP appointment online between 8am and 10pm. To book an appointment outside these hours, please contact HealthHero via telephone. Our GPs are available 24/7.

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Aches and pains assessments

Access to a virtual assessment for support with conditions affecting your bones, muscles and joints – with no need for a GP referral.

  • You can book a video or telephone consultation with a fully qualified physiotherapist or sports therapist
  • The advisers will carry out a comprehensive assessment, to get a complete understanding of your lifestyle and the factors which may be causing your symptoms
  • You’ll be provided with appropriate advice and support, or guidance for appropriate treatment options.

Assessments are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm and have a duration of approximately 30 minutes.

If you are unable to create an account or book an appointment online:

You can still call the GP service team on 0330 102 5443 and use the code 1872.

You can call the aches and pains assessment service team on 0330 043 0740 and use the code 1872.

Some of these services are provided by a third party.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


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Aches and pains assessments

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