How to make a claim


Making a claim is quick and easy

Here you can watch helpful videos that guide you through the claims process and find what details you need to submit your claim.

How to make a claim on your computer

How to make a claim using our Simplyhealth app

4 simple steps of the claiming process


Register your account online icon

1. Register your account online or download the app

First things first, get yourself set up with an online account or download the SimplyPlan app so you can claim anytime, anywhere. Use the same details to log in online or via the SimplyPlan app.

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2. Attend your health appointment

Attend your healthcare appointment with a registered practitioner. 


Once you've had your appointment, pay and ask for a receipt that includes your name, practitioner's details, treatment received, date, and total cost.

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3. Submit your claim

Take a photo of your appointment receipt, either on your phone, tablet, or using a scanner. This is so you can upload a photo of your receipt during the claim. Or you can upload a file.


Log in to your Simplyhealth portal or open the SimplyPlan app, and follow the step-by-step process. It's really easy to follow.

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4. Get the money paid to your bank account

Once you've submitted your claim, it comes through to our team. We'll review it, and if approved, give it the green light. Once your claim has been approved, you’ll receive a payment directly to your chosen bank account or building society account. 

Download the SimplyPlan app

to claim from your phone.


What details will I need to make a claim?


To make your claim as quick and seamless as possible, make sure you have: 


  • Customer/patient name
  • Access to your Simplyhealth online portal or have downloaded the SimplyPlan app
  • Practitioner name
  • The date of treatment
  • The treatment type
  • The total cost of treatment
  • And an itemised receipt of your treatment, whether that's physical or an emailed PDF/Jpg
  • For prescription requirements please see further below

What needs to be on the itemised receipt?



1. Practitioner’s details


Details of the practitioner and establishment should feature on the receipt. This is so we can make sure they’re one of our accepted registered practitioners.


2. Treatment details


Details of the service or treatment that you’ve received. The date you received the service or treatment. And the cost of the service or treatment, showing the balance has been paid for in full. 


3. Patient's details


Your receipt must include the full name of the person your claim is for.

Example of a receipt to claim with Simplyhealth

Claiming on a prescription? 


For NHS prescriptions we require:


  • A receipt - Showing you've paid the charge for the NHS prescription.
  • Your details - We may request evidence to confirm who the prescription is for (e.g. A copy of the prescription slip or the prescription label)
  • For a PPC (Prescription Payment Certificate), we require evidence, which can be either a letter or an email. The dates signify the amount.


Here are a few frequently asked questions around claiming, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, see our full list of 'How to claim' FAQs.

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