How to make a claim with Simplyhealth

Claiming with Simplyhealth is quick and easy. We will guide you through 4 simple steps of the claiming process. Our team review all claims and aim to have all approved claims paid back to you within three working days.

How a Simplyhealth plan works:

1. Register your account online

First things first, get yourself set up with an online account so you can claim anytime, anywhere.

It's easy, and the fastest way for our team to review and approve your claim.

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2. Attend your health appointment

Attend your healthcare appointment with a registered practitioner. 


Once you've had your appointment, pay and ask for a receipt that includes your name, practitioner's details, treatment received, date, and total cost.

3. Submit your claim

Take a photo of your appointment receipt, either on your phone, tablet, or using a scanner. This is so you can upload a photo of your receipt during the claim. 


Log in to your Simplyhealth online portal, and follow the step-by-step process. You will be prompted with next steps at each stage making it really easy to follow.

Login and start your claim
4. Get the money paid to your bank account

Once you've submitted your claim, it comes through to our team. We'll review it, and if approved, give it the green light. 


Once approved, you'll have the money back in your bank account within three working days.


What details will I need to make a claim?


We only ask for the details we need to process your claim.

To make your claim as quick and seamless as possible, make sure you have: 


  • Access to your Simplyhealth online portal or mobile app
  • The date of treatment
  • The treatment type
  • The total cost of treatment
  • And a receipt of your treatment, whether that's physical or an emailed PDF/Jpg

How to make a claim online


What are the steps to claiming?


Our online claiming process follows six steps. Once you're registered and logged in, click the Make a claim tab to get started. 


  1. Treatment Date - The first step is letting us know the date you had your treatment or the date your treatment started. 
  2. Claimant - The next step is selecting the claimant making the claim.
  3. Treatment - The third step has two fields. First, pick the treatment you received from the list of options, and then let us know how much the treatment or appointment cost.  
  4. Receipts - This is where we'll need proof of treatment. Upload a copy of your receipt/s from the health treatment you received. We accept the following file formats: pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png. 
  5. Confirmation - That's all we need. Before submitting your claim, we'll ask you to confirm all the details are correct. 
  6. Complete - The final step is to complete your claim. Once sent, our team will review the details, and if approved, you'll have the money back within three working days.  
How do I upload a photo of my receipt?


All claims require a digital copy of your receipt as proof of treatment. Our claiming portal has been designed to make this process as seamless as possible, but we're always happy to help out. 


To make a digital copy of your receipt, you can:


  • Take a photo using your phone or tablet, and upload the image directly from the camera roll when prompted. 
  • Use a scanner, and upload the file from your computer when requested.


For receipts that have been emailed to you as an attachment, you can download the file from your email and then upload when prompted in the claiming portal.


Our accepted file formats are standard .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf (PDFs must be less than 10mb).


If you have any questions on uploading images, or the portal isn't playing ball, please get in touch at [email protected]. or start a live chat.

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What needs to be on the receipt?



1. Practitioner’s details


Details of the practitioner and establishment should feature on the receipt. This is so we can make sure they’re one of our accepted registered practitioners.


2. Treatment details


Details of the service or treatment that you’ve received. The date you received the service or treatment. And the cost of the service or treatment, showing the balance has been paid for in full. 


3. Patient's details


Your receipt must include the full name of the person your claim is for.

Example of a receipt to claim with Simplyhealth
Claiming on a prescription? 


For NHS prescriptions we require:


A receipt - Showing you've paid the charge for the NHS prescription.


Your details - To show that the prescription is for you (eg. a copy of the prescription slip or the prescription label).


For a PPC (Prescription Payment Certificate), we require evidence, which can be either a letter or an email. The dates signify the amount.

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Some of our FAQs


When can I claim?

You can start claiming straight away, for treatment had on or after your start date. This is subject to any relevant qualifying periods, or exclusions.

When will I receive money back from my claim?

Once received, we aim to process claims as quickly as possible. However, if information is missing from the claim form or receipt, this can take longer to process. And we may ask you for additional info.

Paid claims can take an additional three to five working days to arrive in your account. This depends entirely on your bank, and is beyond our control.

What if my details are incorrect on my claim form?

You can use a form with incorrect details. We mostly need your policy number and the barcode to be clearly visible.

Be sure to update your details when possible. You can do so through your online account, or by contacting us.

Can I make a claim offline?

We do encourage the use of our Online Self Service due to the ease, speed, and reliability. But if you’d prefer to make a postal claim, you'll need to fill in a claim form and post it back to us with your appointment receipt.

Requesting a claim form is quick and simple via our online form or via live chat.

Send your claims to: Simplyhealth, Customer Services, Alan Child House, Borden Gates, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 2RT

When I click ‘Make a claim’ I am presented with another log in page?

Try closing down your browser and starting again.

I am trying to upload my claim and the circle just keeps going round?

Try closing down your browser and starting again.

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