Support your employees’ oral health

Our dental plan, Denplan, makes it easy for your employees to receive the dental treatment they need.

What do Denplan dental plans offer?

Corporate dental plans are a type of dental health insurance that allows your employees to claim back the costs of routine and unexpected dental treatment.

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan. We offer a range of products to suit different companies and funding methods:

Denplan Wellbeing

Focuses on preventive dental care, helping employees pay for routine and restorative dental treatment, as well as providing cover for emergencies.

Denplan Lucent

Offers cover for a full range of dental treatments with no annual limits, so employees can claim as many times as they need to each year. It also covers dental injuries and emergencies.

Denplan Evolve

Option for voluntary customers who pay by Direct Debit. Plans cover checkups and hygienist visits, regardless of the cost, and provide employees with reimbursement towards major restorative dental treatment.

With all Denplan cover, your employees can claim reimbursement for NHS dental treatment and private dentist care.

Employee choice and flexibility

With Denplan, employees also benefit from the Denplan Discount Network. There are nearly 2,000 Denplan dentists in the network, offering discounts on the cost of dental plan treatments. The dentist will apply the discount before the employee pays for their treatments, keeping payment straightforward.

There’s no obligation for employees to use a Denplan dentist though – they can visit any NHS or private dentist, or choose to stay with their current dentist.

Some added benefits

Denplan for families

We offer cover for employees’ children, parents, and/or parents-in-law.

Worldwide emergency cover

With all plans employees get access to worldwide emergency cover with a 24-hour helpline.

Pre-existing conditions

No initial oral health check needed, and pre-existing conditions covered.
Cover does not include pre-planned treatment or treatment for injuries that take place before the cover started.

Making a claim is easy, with no complicated forms to complete.