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SimplyMe provides gentle nudges in the right direction so you can make the small steps that build lifelong healthy habits.

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How SimplyMe can help you


Our app is for everyone, regardless of your goals and fitness level.
Track and improve your mental health with SimplyMe

Be ‘appy with your mental health


Track and improve your emotional wellbeing and more with easy to understand insights based in your daily mood check-ins within the app. Be more mindful about your mental health.


17.5% of SimplyMe users have seen an improvement in their mental health over a 3 month period.*


Track your heart health with the SimplyMe app

Show a little love to your heart

If you have a wearable, track your heart health with the SimplyMe app. Our data scientists turn the information your device collects into personalised insights and helpful tips.


87% of those with poor heart ratings show an improvement.**



Track and improve your sleep with SimplyMe

Wake up
feeling fresh, every morning


Better your sleep pattern, efficiency, and more with tailored guidance and advice. Helping you identify how much sleep you need and how to improve your sleep quality.

People who start with a low sleep rating are predicted to increase their average sleep time by 37 minutes.**

Track your weight and activity with SimplyMe

Ready to tackle your health and fitness?


Let our data scientists turn the activity information your wearable or smartphone collects into personalised, actionable insights to help you keep moving.


Users starting with a low step rating increased their daily step count by over 1,000 in just 3 months!**

How the app works

1. Connect your health tracker to the app
Connect your device


You can use your smartphone to track and learn about your health with SimplyMe. If you'd like a more in-depth view you'll want to start by connecting a health watch to the app if you have one. Don't worry if you don't you can still use and enjoy SimplyMe!

2. Reveal your human dashboard
Your personal dashboard


Just like the dashboard of your car tells you when the fuel tank is empty, or the engine needs oil, your SimplyMe human dashboard tells you where you are across 5 health categories.

3. Learn more with personalised insights
Learn more with personalised insights


SimplyMe transforms your health ratings into actionable advice, nudges and tips to help you meet your physical and mental health goals.

4. Start feeling healthier
Achieve your goals

It's one thing knowing what you want to achieve – and another knowing how to get there. This is exactly why we’re here.

Think of SimplyMe as your space to learn more about the most important person in your life: you. And to discover all the evidence-based ways you can improve the life you lead.

5. Support your community
Support your community


Our values have not changed in the 148 years of existence. We keep community at the heart of everything we do. Supporting our local community by match funding our colleagues fundraising, volunteering (we give 3 days per year per employee to carry out activities local to them), helping with vaccine rollouts, river cleans, tree planting, marketing and IT support, to name a few.

How we're helping

Some of our latest reviews

Eye opening insights

"I really like it, the ease of the app to be honest... it gave you a lot of insights... it comes up with little bits and pieces you can take away from it yourself"

Making keeping healthy fun

" felt newer...fresher, brighter... more fun!"


Bitesize goals maintain motivation

"I really like the little goals that you can set yourself to improve your wellbeing overall, reduce your portion sizes and set yourself those small challenges to make the bigger changes"


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Available on your smartphone or tablet.

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App Store
Download from the App Store
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Get it on Google Play

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*Based on 372 users April 2021.

**The survey was commissioned by healthcare plan provider, Simplyhealth. Based on 302 SimplyMe users registered before 9th August 2020 with a device connected and sufficient health data at registration after 3+ months use.