Cookie Policy


What are cookies?


A cookie is a small text file that gets stored onto your computer when you visit a website. Our cookies will not read or corrupt other information saved on your computer and cannot be used to deliver viruses, or extract your personal information.


Why we use cookies?


We use them to identify when you have returned to our websites so that we know if you have been to our sites before. This helps us tailor the experience that you have. They are used for many different functions such as:


  • Auto-filling forms
  • Personalising content
  • Targeted, relevant advertising across different platforms such as Social Channels and Display Advertising
  • Recording user preferences
  • Measure and monitor anonymous use of our website so that we can make improvements to our site and our advertising


What cookies do Simplyhealth use?


The cookies we use are broken down into 2 categories:


  • Essential cookies - These are necessary in order to use our websites. They are only used when you are using our website and expire when you leave.
  • Non-essential cookies - These are used for analytical and targeting purposes, first or third party advertisers and to supply you with relevant and tailored information.

The essential cookies we use (and what they are used for) are:

Session cookies            Used to maintain your transaction or log in details with. They are not stored on your computer and expire after a 30 minute period of inactivity or when you end your browser session.
Performance cookies             
Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics provide anonymous statistical information. It allows us to see which pages of our site are being viewed and helps to identify any errors which may occur so that we can address them.

This is a list of the non-essential cookies we use:


Third party cookies                     

We have carefully selected other companies to work with so that we can give our users the best service and experience. We use 3rd party cookies to provide additional analytics via specialist software. These third parties use cookies to supply us with anonymous information about how people are using our site and other sites with the purpose of enabling us to improve our website, content and marketing material to try and give you the most beneficial experience.

Services such as Maru EDR, help us gather information to allow us to make our website more usable for our users.  Accepting the cookies means that we will not continue to ask you to complete surveys if you have already completed or declined. 

How can I disable cookies?


If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies.  Doing this will depend on the browser type and version that you use however follow these links for instructions on how to disable cookies on your particular browser the most popular browsers.


Please note if you choose to disable cookies, the site may not operate properly.

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Find out more?


If you would like more information on cookies, visit

Simplyhealth uses the Flashtalking platform for campaign analysis, applying both cookie-based and cookie-less technologies to identify devices. Learn more about Flashtalking’s use of data and your choices in their Consumer Privacy statement