Caring at work

Support the carers in your workforce
as they cope with the impact of caring.

Carers in the workplace may be impacting your business more than you realise. With Care for Life, you can support them through the many challenges they face.

The hidden impact of caring on your business

Benefits of Care for Life for your employees

  • Clear, concise explanation of the social care system.
  • Contact with real experts for individual advice and guidance.
  • Daily living tips; information on age-related health conditions.
  • Essential legal and financial facts in plain English.
  • Quick search to find local support services.
  • Content tailored to each employee’s care journey.
  • Unique log-in; individual user privacy assured.

Benefits of Care for Life for your business

  • Quantify the impact of caring on your organisation with powerful analytics.
  • Understand any unmet needs across your organisation through expert consultation.
  • Engage and inform your people on national care issues covering a spectrum of topics.
  • Retain and gain the best people by supporting them when their loved one needs them the most.
  • Demonstrate that you understand the practical and emotional challenges your employees face and actively support them.

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