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Improving the lives of everyone who cares for an older loved one. Find out how Care for Life can work for you.

Benefits for your business

Care for Life answers all your questions about healthy ageing and caring in one complete online resource. Brought to you by Simplyhealth, experts in everyday health for over 140 years, it's information you can rely on.

A nation of carers

An estimated 1 in 9 workers is a carer — and the figure may be even higher.
Every day 6,000 people take on caring responsibilities, which can lead to stress and depression. It can disrupt work, with increased absenteeism and reduced productivity.
Resulting impact on the economy through lost earnings, tax revenue and from additional benefits payments estimated at £5.3 billion.

Who can carers turn to for help?

Welcome to Care for Life

A comprehensive resource of practical advice on ageing and caring for loved ones written in straightforward, easy-to-understand language.
Accessible anytime, anywhere. You can use the service whenever it suits you.
Access to care, legal and later-life finance experts who can answer your specific questions.

More about Simplyhealth

Simplyhealth has been caring for people’s everyday health for over 140 years. We're an organisation that puts customers and clients before profit, with corporate giving at the heart of our purpose. Each year, we donate 10% of pre-tax profits to our charitable partners.

We're very concerned about the issues of an ageing population and its impact. That’s why we’re raising these issues across academic and political spheres to try to create the necessary change.

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Care Community forum

The Simplyhealth Care Community forum enables carers to share experiences and advice on issues surrounding ageing and care, in a safe, supportive environment.

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