Health treatments


We've broken down the treatments covered by the Simplyhealth Plan - from our online GP service to podiatry and reflexology. Find the answers to your questions, written by specialists in each field.


Toothbrushes in a line

Taking care of your teeth and gums


Want to know how often you should visit a dentist? Or perhaps you need to know the typical cost of a routine check-up? We cover it all. Get to know the hygienist too - they could be crucial to your oral health.

Learn about dental treatments


Physiotherapist and a patient

Taking care of your movement and function


Physiotherapy can help with injury, illness, and disability. We explore everything from what your physiotherapist can do for you to how a typical physio appointment will go.

Learn about physiotherapy


Glasses and a case for contact lenses

Taking care of your eyes.


Why should you have your eyes checked? What's the difference between an optometrist and a dispensing optician? We outline the need-to-know's when caring for your eyes.

Learn about optical treatments


Male having a chriopractic check-up

Taking care of your muscles and joints.


In this area, we look at what a chiropractor does, and what happens when you visit one. We also look at the type of treatments they can provide, even what you should wear to an appointment. 

Learn about chiropractic treatments


Taking care of your muscles and joints.


Osteopathy has its similarities with chiropractic treatment. And it can be difficult picking between the two. So we've broken them down for you. Find out all about osteopathy and what to expect from your osteopath.

Learn about osteopathy


Patient receiving acupuncture

Taking care of your body.


If you can get past the fine needles, read on. Acupuncture is a treatment for both therapeutic and preventative purposes. But you probably have a few questions. Find out how acupuncture works, who can provide it, and more. 

Learn more about acupuncture

24/7 and online GP

Stehoscope for a GP

Taking care of your wellbeing.


Need advice from a GP but can't afford to wait? Having access to 24/7 GP services over the phone can be life-changing. These services allow you to speak to an NHS practising GP anytime - day or night.

Podiatry & Chiropody

Healthy feet in the air

Taking care of your feet and lower limbs


Looking after your feet is imperative, and that's where podiatrists and chiropodists come in. We go into detail about what they look for, what they can treat, and how an appointment with the foot doctor can keep you mobile. 

Learn about podiatry


Telephone for counselling services

Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing.


Mental health doesn't adhere to waiting times, which is why telephone counselling and employee assistance programmes (EAPs) can be invaluable.  These services give you 24/7 access to qualified counsellors when you need them.

You can claim back on these health costs with the Simplyhealth Plan, starting at just £7.50/month.

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