Switching from another insurer

If your client wishes to switch to Simply Personal Health from another private medical insurer, we may accept their application and apply the personal medical exclusions that their current insurer applies to the policy they have now. If your client has a moratorium policy, we will use the date their current policy was effective from as the start date of their Simply Personal Health policy. We will ask some medical questions about their health since they bought the current policy.

We'll also need to see a membership certificate from the current insurer. When we have received the information that we ask for, we will assess the application. In order for us to consider the switch to Simply Personal Health, there must be no break in cover between their current policy ending and the Simply Personal Health policy starting.

Important: The cover offered by different policies is unlikely to be the same. You should ask your client to compare the Simply Personal Health policy document with policy information from their current insurer. If you have any questions about the cover that we offer on Simply Personal Health, please call us on 0800 294 7303.

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Employees leaving a company scheme?

From 1st August Simplyhealth no longer provides continuation quotations for customers leaving company schemes.  Please call AXA PPP healthcare, who now provide special continuation terms for these customers.

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