No claims discount

Simply Personal Health includes our new no claims discount scheme.

When your client joins Simply Personal Health they will start on level 11 of the no claims discount scale, reducing premiums by 60%. If they don't use their cover during the policy year, the discount will increase to level 12, which is 64%.

Not only that, but if we pay out a small amount on the policy (up to £250 after the policy excess is paid) your client will remain on the same no claims discount level.

Simply Personal Health - no claims discount table

Full details of how the no claims discount works, please refer your client to section 6 of the policy document.

 Simply Personal Health Connections (498 kb)

 Simply Personal Health National and Metropolitan (469 kb)

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From 1st August Simplyhealth no longer provides continuation quotations for customers leaving company schemes.  Please call AXA PPP healthcare, who now provide special continuation terms for these customers.

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