Hospital networks

Simply Personal Health offers three different hospital networks.

National and Metropolitan give your client a wide range of hospitals to visit and they decide where they want to go.

Connections offers a different solution to finding a hospital as we will direct your client to a hospital who will contact them to arrange tests or treatment.

Please refer your client to our latest hospital directory.

Why choose the National or Metropolitan lists?

The National and Metropolitan hospital lists give your client the greatest amount of controlover where they go and who they see. We offer 264* hospitals across the UK on the National list so there is plenty of choice.

This list can be extended even further with the Metropolitan option to 286* which gives access to an additional 22* hospitals in and around London.


  • Your client chooses where they go and who they see as long as they are within the selected hospital network
  • Choice of 264 hospitals on the National list
  • An additional 22 hospitals available in and around London on the Metropolitan List

Things to consider

  • The fee proposed by their chosen specialist may be outside our fee schedule resulting in a claim shortfall. By calling the claim helpline on 0800 328 1202 your client can receive guidance on what the policy will pay for before proceeding with the appointment


Why choose the Connections hospital list?

The Connections hospital list is the lowest cost option of the three and offers a different solution to finding a hospital than the National and Metropolitan lists.

With Connections once your client has been referred to a specialist by their GP they need to call our claims team and who will put your client in touch with one of the 114* hospitals on the Connections list.


  • We put your client in touch with a specific hospital
  • We can help arrange appointments for them
  • Lowest cost
  • We pay specialists' fees for treatment in full

Things to consider

  • Reduced hospital list
  • They can only be treated in the hospital we direct them to
  • The consultant they see at the hospital must be on our approved list


* Number of hospitals quoted is accurate as of July 2013. For full details please see our hospital directory.

Need help?

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Employees leaving a company scheme?

From 1st August Simplyhealth no longer provides continuation quotations for customers leaving company schemes.  Please call AXA PPP healthcare, who now provide special continuation terms for these customers.

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