What is an excess?

Your client's policy has an excess. This means that we will pay for costs covered by the policy, minus the amount of the excess. We apply the excess to each member included on the policy, every policy year (not necessarily for every claim they make). This means that if a claim or course of treatment continues from one policy year to the next, the excess will apply again.

ExcessFor example, if your client has a £300 excess and their treatment in a policy year costs £1,000, they will pay the first £300 and we will pay the rest. If the treatment carries on into the next policy year, another excess will apply, so they will again pay the first £300 of treatment that is received in that policy year.

Variable levels of excess are available

With Simply Personal Health your client can vary the amount of excess on their policy to reduce their premium.

We have put together this simple table to help your client decide how much excess they would like on their policy. Excess is mandatory with Simply Personal Health and the minimum amount of excess is £100

Excess table

Please note that we do not apply the excess to NHS cash benefits, telephone consultations through the Rapid Access Physiotherapy service, new child payment or end of life care benefit. We prefer the excess to be paid directly to us as this makes claims payment simpler as your client will not need to pay the provider at a later date.

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From 1st August Simplyhealth no longer provides continuation quotations for customers leaving company schemes.  Please call AXA PPP healthcare, who now provide special continuation terms for these customers.

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