Simply Dental Plan

What's covered 

Check-ups and scale and polish

In order to secure and maintain your client's oral health it is important for them to have regular check-ups. Simplyhealth will pay 100% of the cost of check-ups (up to the annual limit), including examinations or investigations and x-rays.

They also get 75% of their money back for the cost of scale and polish performed by a dental clinician (up to the annual limit).


More complex treatment can be expensive. Following a three-month qualifying period, Simplyhealth will pay a percentage of the cost of treatment required to secure and maintain oral health including crowns, bridges, fillings and dentures as well as for anaesthetic fees, laboratory fees and dental technician fees (up to the annual limit).

Only treatment that is clinically necessary will be covered. Cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, orthodontic treatment, dental implants and veneers are not covered.

Dental Accident Cover

If your client is in an accident and their teeth are damaged after completion of the three-month qualifying period, they can claim 100% of the cost of permanent or temporary treatment required (up to £5,000 a year), providing dental attention is sought within 48 hours.

Dental Emergency Visit

If your client is in severe pain, or they need to see a dentist urgently because problems with their teeth are affecting their general health, they can claim back 100% of the cost of temporary treatment and emergency call-out fees (up to £500 a year). Please note a three-month qualifying period applies.

Dental Hospital Cover

We will pay your client £50 per day or night, up to a maximum of 20 days or nights per claiming year, if they are admitted to a recognised NHS hospital for Dental Treatment, following a referral.

Mouth Cancer Cover

If they are diagnosed with primary mouth cancer by a specialist your client will receive a single payment to help towards treatment. Please note, they will not be able to claim mouth cancer cover if they have previously been diagnosed with any mouth cancer or if they have been referred by their dentist or GP for diagnostic or exploratory tests before the registration date or during the three month qualifying period.

Worldwide Cover

Dental Accident Cover and Dental Emergency Visit apply to UK residents on holiday anywhere in the world, for any trip with a duration of up to and including 28 days. Please refer to section 5.15 of the terms and conditions for more details.

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