Service+ case studies

These case studies show how Service+ works. The case studies are genuine, but the names have been changed.

Karen Tomsett's story

Having worked in customer services in the telecommunications industry for two decades, Karen Tomsett fully appreciated the need for queries to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Karen contacted Simplyhealth after a routine smear test had revealed some irregularities. When she called Simplyhealth, Karen, a Preferential Service+ member, was understandably distressed.

Karen said: "Quite naturally, I was upset when I phoned Simplyhealth, but by the end of the call I had been reassured that I would not be going through the experience alone.

"My doctor had told me that I needed to have an ultrasound. As soon as I explained this to Simplyhealth, I was told that they would try and secure me an appointment at a hospital as soon as possible."

Karen continued: "Within minutes, Simplyhealth called me back to tell me they had spoken to the hospital and that I simply needed to phone them and book myself an appointment. It really couldn't have been easier. Simplyhealth gave me the contact details, I called the clinic and in no time, an appointment was made for just three days later.

"I was staggered at how quickly things had progressed - Simplyhealth had made an instant decision, and I felt as though I was already on the road to recovery.

"There seemed to be a great emphasis placed on making sure any appointments were convenient for me, both in terms of time and location. With so much to think about, having administrative matters taken care of was a huge help."

Where hospital treatment is necessary, Service+ members are entitled to treatment at a hospital within a 35-mile radius of their home. For Karen, this meant only a 10-mile journey from her home in Glusburn to the clinic in Bingley.

"The clinic also needed a letter from my doctor confirming that an ultrasound was required. Once again, Simplyhealth ensured this was a painless task by making sure I knew which documents were required and where they needed to be sent. Within a couple of minutes of faxing the paperwork, the clinic rang me to confirm that they had all the documentation they required. It really was that immediate.

"Not only was the appointment made swiftly, but Simplyhealth were also able to put my mind at ease by outlining which of the medical expenses were covered under the Service+ scheme and assuring me that they would be settled directly with the doctor and hospital."

Mother-of-two Karen, who is now a self-employed childminder, says that being kept up to date on developments on a regular basis allowed her to keep things in perspective.

"Simplyhealth's communication was absolutely first class. I received clear instructions outlining every step of the treatment process including the details regarding the payment of bills. At no stage during the process was I unsure about what was going on.

"Simplyhealth also called me the day before my hospital appointment to ensure I was happy with the arrangements and to wish me luck. I thought this was a wonderful personal gesture.

"Without doubt, the efficient customer service I received saved me a week's worth of anguish and for that I am enormously grateful."

Sharon Knight's story

Regular customers at the two London based coffee shops managed by Sharon Knight are entitled to a prompt, efficient and courteous service. On the occasions that she finds herself on the other side of the counter, Sharon herself expects no less.

Following a seemingly routine consultation with her GP, Simplyhealth member and married mother-of-one Sharon was told that a foreign mass had been detected and that she needed to be referred to a gynaecologist.

Sharon immediately contacted Simplyhealth.

Sharon said: "When the doctor told me I needed to be seen by a specialist, I was panic-stricken and admit that I feared the worst. I phoned Simplyhealth, and was instantly put at ease.

"I relayed the information I had been given by my doctor, and was told by Simplyhealth that I had no need to worry. Simplyhealth explained that an appointment would be made for me to see a gynaecologist as soon as possible, and within the hour an appointment had been made.

"Knowing that I was upset, the wheels were put in motion straight away. There was a genuine sense of urgency - Simplyhealth made a prompt decision, and it felt as though they were really working on my behalf."

Sharon's fears were realised as the gynaecologist advised her that an urgent hysterectomy was required.

Sharon called Simplyhealth and was once again reassured that she would be looked after.

"An appointment to see a specialist was made the very same morning that I informed Simplyhealth about my condition.

"All I had to do was phone the clinic and arrange a suitable time. Simplyhealth had obviously spoken to the clinic and ensured I had all the contact details required in order to make the appointment. It was a process utterly devoid of confusion and hassle."

Under the terms of Service+, we aim to have members treated within a 35-mile radius of their home, with emphasis placed on convenient treatment that fits in around their schedule. While preparing for her appointment however, misfortune intervened as Sharon discovered she had contracted mumps, thereby meaning that surgery had to be delayed.

"I called the clinic to inform them of my circumstances and tried to arrange to have my treatment on another day. This turned out to be a difficult and frustrating procedure as the consultant who was due to treat me was on annual leave. I phoned Simplyhealth and told them the difficulty I was experiencing, and once again they set to work smoothing things out. The next day Simplyhealth called me back to tell me that a revised date for my operation had been secured.

"This was a lot for me to deal with, and Simplyhealth took charge of my claim and dealt with it in a thoroughly efficient manner.

"And by way of ensuring I was fully aware of what was going on, I received written confirmation about the procedure. Simplyhealth spoke and wrote in plain English, and I knew exactly what was going on and what was covered financially. They informed me about the scale of my room at the clinic and made it clear that my medical bills would be settled directly."

Two months after her operation, Sharon was given the all clear by her doctor.

"Looking back, I was so worried by the situation, and the outstanding customer service I received from Simplyhealth made the experience eminently more tolerable.

"Nothing was too much trouble, and the only thing I had to concentrate on was getting myself better. Simplyhealth even found time to call me before my operation to make sure I was happy with the process and to wish me luck. That was a nice touch."

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