Overall findings


89% of people ranked themselves as
responsible for their own health

Others that they ranked as responsible are:

Partner & family - YougGuv / Simplyhealth        Employer - YougGuv / Simplyhealth        GP- YougGuv / Simplyhealth        Partner & family - YougGuv / Simplyhealth        Food companies - YougGuv / Simplyhealth

Partner & family                Employer                       GP                    Government          Food & Beverage companies
       38%                           15%                         35%                        17%                            27%

Overall health

Just 5% of adults say they are very healthy. 57% say they are generally healthy, 23% are unsure and 15% say they are unwell or unhealthy.

Overall health - YougGuv / Simplyhealth

Diet and exercise

Although 86% of adults are aware of the 'Five a day' recommendation, just 31% say they eat the recommended amount.

Only 27% of adults are aware of the NHS recommendation on aerobic exercise, with 16% of adults saying they actually follow it.

Diet and Exercise - YougGuv / Simplyhealth
Future health conditions section

Everyday health issues such as arthritis and joint pain worry people just as much as major conditions such as cancer.

Future health - YougGuv / Simplyhealth