Everyday Health Tracker

Quarterly Everyday Health Tracker paints broadest picture of everyday health

We've launched the Everyday Health Tracker in partnership with YouGov to measure consumer attitudes and behaviours towards their everyday health.

The Simplyhealth/YouGov Everyday Health Tracker paints the broadest regular picture of UK health, covering everything from diet and exercise habits, to the health issues that concern people most.

New results will be released every three months and over time the Everyday Health Tracker will highlight key trends to emerge.

How many people believe they are healthy?

The Simplyhealth/YouGov Everyday Health Tracker shows that less than three quarters (61%) of the population believe they're healthy, with only 5% of these saying they are very healthy.

Surprisingly just 1% of people aged 18-24 say they are very healthy, compared to 6% of over 55s.

YouGuv health tracker - Simplyhealth

Diet and exercise

The Everyday Healthcare Tracker revealed that less than one third of adults (31%) are aware of NHS recommendations on aerobic exercise, and only 17% had followed these recommendations in the last three months.

It also showed that even though around nine in ten people (87%) are aware of the 'Five A Day' recommendation, less than a third (29%) of people actually eat the recommended amount.

YouGuv healthtracker - Simplyhealth

Future health concerns

When thinking about their future health, everyday conditions like arthritis, joint pain and back pain worry people just as much as major conditions such as stroke and cancer. In fact, arthritis (42%) came joint top with a stroke (42%) on the list of people's future health concerns.

Representative % of people's top 5 future health concerns

YouGuv - Simplyhealth

View our press release on the launch of the Everyday Health Tracker.

The Simplyhealth/YouGov Everyday Health Tracker is a syndicated report that is available to buy from the YouGov website.

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The next results will be published at the end of September.

Supporting everyday health

Simplyhealth supports people with their everyday health through health cash plans, dental plans and mobility products and daily living aids. Our roots are in the hospital funds set up in the Victorian era to help working people save for their medical care. With no shareholders we exist solely to serve our customers and support charitable causes.