Everyday Health Tracker

The Simplyhealth/YouGov Everyday Health Tracker measures consumer attitudes and behaviours towards their everyday health, with topics ranging from diet and exercise habits, to the concerns people have about their future health.

It surveys 2,000 people every quarter, painting the broadest, most regular picture of UK everyday health.

The second quarter of the Simplyhealth/YouGov Everyday Health Tracker highlights people's attitudes towards the NHS.

Attitudes towards the NHS

56% of UK adults don't think the NHS can do
everything across all areas of healthcare

Out of 10 selected areas, they feel the top five priorities of the NHS should be:

NHS Priorities

Life threatening conditions - 95%

Dementia/Alzheimer's care - 80%

Mental health - 79%

Chronic conditions such
as diabetes - 79%

Musculoskeletal - 75%

And they gave less priority to these everyday services

NHS everyday services

Mobility - 26%

Counselling/talking therapies - 16%

Pysiotherapy - 16%

Skin conditions - 12%

Chiropody - 3%


Satisfaction with the top five
priority services is relatively low*:

Life threatening conditions - 52%

Dementia/Alzheimer's care - 20%

Mental health - 20%

Chronic conditions such
as diabetes - 42%

Musculoskeletal - 33%

And satisfaction is even lower
for these everyday services:

NHS Satisfaction

NHS Everyday Services Findings 2015 September

*Rated 5 and above on a scale of 1-7

Mobility - 24%

Counselling/talking therapies - 20%

Physiotherapy - 43%

Skin conditions - 29%

Chiropody - 19%

Preparedness to pay

Britons are willing to pay 'some of the cost' or 'all of the cost' of a selection of everyday health services such as visits to the optician and dentist.

NHS Payment Survey