Don't suffer in silence

Posted on January 8, 2019

Did you know that 1 in 3 people will suffer from varicose veins in their lifetime?1 

According to Whiteley Clinics who are experts in treating vein conditions, varicose veins can cause symptoms such as uncomfortable, tired aching legs, visible bulging veins, and dry and itchy skin. Left untreated, the condition can worsen over time causing more advanced medical problems such as venous eczema, darkening of the skin, blood clotting (phlebitis), leg ulceration and rarely Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Earlier this year, NHS England revealed that 17 treatments, including varicose vein surgery, may not be offered to patients this year as a proposal to help cut costs. Because it could become harder to access treatment for vein conditions, Simplyhealth helps towards the cost of an initial consultation to help you find the best course of treatment.

Simplyhealth's Active Plan helps people to stay healthy by enabling them to see a private consultant for a diagnosis, by giving policyholders up to £300 back towards the cost on the Essential level of cover. Other levels of cover are available which could even cover the cost in full. Seeking a diagnosis as early as possible can help prevent symptoms from getting any worse and having a bigger impact on your overall health.

HY whiteleyWhiteley Clinics told us they regularly see patients who have been treated elsewhere and their varicose veins return. They understand the causes so that patients who have treatment experience the lowest possible chance of recurrence.

(left, before and after treatment for varicose veins)

If you're concerned about your vein health and have all or any of the symptoms below it's recommended to seek a consultation.

Visible veins on the surface of the skin or just under it
Enlarged veins that are blue or dark purple in colour
Itchy, sore skin over your veins and vein discolouration
Nodular, bulging or twisted veins
Swollen, achy or heavy legs and ankles2

If you are already a member of Simplyhealth, and your Cash Plan provides a diagnostic consultation benefit, it may help with the cost of a Consultation and Treatment Plan appointment at Whiteley Clinics. If you aren't sure whether your plan has this cover, you can check by logging into your Self Service account online, checking your policy documents or speaking to our Customer Services team.

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