Top websites for health issues affecting the UK

Posted on October 11, 2016 by Helen Field

HY Websites ConditionsYou might be too busy or stressed to think about it. But if you can make time, it's worth thinking about how you can be healthier by understanding more about your body and mind. This blog takes a look at some of the top UK websites for health issues affecting the UK right now.

Supporting and respecting our mental health: Mind

Mental health is relevant to us all. Did you know that "1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year"? The mind is sensitive to good and bad changes throughout our lives, so we must look after it. That's where Mind comes in. It provides trusted advice and support for anyone experiencing mental health issues, and promotes understanding and awareness.

There's advice on how to help someone with a mental health problem, like bipolar disorder, anxiety, or hypomania. You can check legal rights on issues like debt and stress, and search a long list of drugs and treatments. Got a story to share? Help others understand how distressing mental illness can be by sharing a story in the blog. It's not just a written blog - there are YouTube video blogs too.

We spend many hours at work throughout our lives so Mind has a whole section on its website devoted to mental health at work. It provides wellbeing tips and guides for employees, and training and booklets for employers. There are surgery-style webinars to inspire a mentally healthy workplace and an Elefriends online community when you just want to write, listen or talk to someone. There's fundraising, news, campaigns and an A-Z of mental health. Check out the Mind shop for handout booklets on wellbeing for your workplace or students.

Mind highlights:

  • A-Z of mental health, and types of mental health problems, drugs and treatments, tips
  • Helplines - information and legal helplines, Blue Light Infoline
  • Elefriends - online community for listening, sharing, and being heard
  • Guidance and services - abuse support, ecotherapy
  • Sharing experiences and spreading understanding through the blog
  • Boosting employee wellbeing through training, and mental health awareness in the workplace
  • Get involved with challenges, campaigning, donating, fundraising, volunteering, joining membership

Keeping your heart healthy: British Heart Foundation

"Coronary Heart Disease remains the number 1 killer in the UK", so what can we do to reduce the chance of getting it? Everything that patients and healthcare professionals need to know about heart health is right here. From advice you can trust on returning to work after suffering from a heart condition, to risk factors, treatments, and recipes. You'll find a section of resources for helping young people keep their hearts healthy too, and a Children's British Heart Foundation website with games, activities and information.

The research section gives you everything you need to know about the vital research that goes on in the British Heart Foundation, from where it funds research and the projects it's involved in. There's even an annual competition for scientists. Take a moment to read science blogs with intriguing titles like What can a fly's heart tell us about our own?

Did you know that coronary heart disease is the UK's single biggest killer? Why not browse the site and see what you can do to reduce the risk of it?

You can get also involved in supporting the British Heart Foundation through donations, events and fund raising, like the Ride2Rio in the summer. Got some unwanted furniture or a TV taking up space in your garage? Book a free collection and donate them to British Heart Foundation.

British Heart Foundation highlights:

  • Demystify the heart, understand how to keep yours healthy
  • Educational - learn how your heart works, risk factors of heart disease
  • Free resources to help young people live a heart-healthy lifestyle
  • Annual competition, Reflections of Research
  • Science blog - how research is beating high blood pressure, spotting the spelling mistakes in our DNA

Beating cancer through research & understanding: Cancer Research UK

Cancer rates in the UK are increasing. But can we do anything to reduce it? This website has some useful suggestions. Healthcare professionals, patients and anyone who wants to understand more about cancer through information you can trust will find it here. Get to grips with the many types of cancer, symptoms, causes, and treatments. There's advice on how to cope with physical symptoms, as well as where to get emotional support through counselling.

Cancer Research UK has a number of funding schemes which provide cancer research grants for researchers. The funding goes towards the salaries of researchers, running costs and equipment costs. World-class researchers are invited to enter awards for coming up with useful innovations to answer some of the most crucial questions in cancer research.

Check out some science blogs, news reports and press releases to stay on top of developments in beating cancer.

Cancer Research UK highlights:

  • Read up on cancer types - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
  • Understand the causes of cancer - smoking, alcohol, diet, obesity
  • How to cope with cancer - side effects, counselling, money
  • Forum - share thoughts and support each other
  • Fundraising events, volunteering, donating, awards for innovations
  • Research - funding schemes, research near you, by researcher
  • Science blog - coffee and cancer, what does the evidence say? Four ways to improve cancer patient care in Wales

Your healthier living starts now

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