5 tips for winter running

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Brynna Gabrielson

Woman running at night time Running is a great way to stay fit and healthy year round, but with conditions outside changing from season to season, it's important to be prepared. As we move through Autumn and Winter, and with them the colder weather and shorter days, here are some things to consider as you strive to stay in peak performance:

Stay visible

It's no secret the days are getting shorter. And soon we'll see sunsets clocking it at 4pm! Running at night makes you less visible - so it's important that you take steps to ensure you're properly seen, especially if you're running along the road! A high vis vest is a simple and fairly inexpensive piece of kit that you can add to your gear. It'll hopefully make you hard to miss! You can also find other pieces of kit with reflective elements built in such as leggings, trainers, gloves and running jackets. 

See the road ahead

Ideally, if you're out on an evening run, you'll be able to do so in an area full of well-lit roads and paths. Unfortunately that's not the case for all of us - so if you're planning to head out in an area with less than ideal lighting, bring some of your own. A headlamp is a useful tool that will keep your hands free and light up the path ahead. Of course you could also take a small torch with you. Or, in a pinch, if you're running with your mobile you might be able to use the 'flash' for the camera on your phone as a torch itself. On an iPhone this is easily done by opening your control centre and selecting the flashlight icon!

Stay warm, but not too warm

We've now left the days of running in shorts and a t-shirt behind us and it's time to consider kit that will keep you warmer. However, keep in mind that as you get moving your body will naturally heat up - and you don't want to be too warm! Try to use thin layers of technical running clothing - like a long sleeve technical shirt that wicks away moisture and a lightweight running jacket.  It's also worth considering selecting some trainers that are more suitable for the cold, slippery and wet!

Consider your route

Those paths you so lovingly ran along in the summer months may not be as easily traversable during the winter months. Falling leaves may have covered the path floor with debris, which could prove a bit trickier to navigate - especially during or after a rainfall! Keep alert for slippery spots and any holes or exposed roots that may have been covered by the leaves!

Get warm before and after

Before you head outside, consider stretching and warming up indoors. Get your blood moving before you even step outside so the cold doesn't feel quite so bracing! And once you're back from your run, don't hang around in your running clothes as you'll get cold quite quickly. Remove your damp gear and replace with something dry - or jump into a warm shower.

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