Photography Workshop: Capturing the perfect smile

Posted on June 20, 2014

Many people are self conscious when it comes to their smile and never is this more evident than in a photograph.  A combination of poor oral hygiene and missed appointments can leave us feeling insecure when it comes to having our photograph taken. The most common response? To not smile altogether.

This is a real shame as a smile is really the best asset that everyone has and immediately makes everyone appear more attractive. It's the facial expression understood worldwide regardless of culture, race or religion to denote happiness, sociability, contentment or amusement.  As a consequence, effectively capturing these most positive of emotions is the great skill of the photographer.

The camera never lies

The best kind of smile is spontaneous, and as the saying goes 'the camera never lies', so it's important that you don't force an artificial one if you're looking to create a truly great picture.  To help you on your way, we spoke to the award winning photographer Paul Hames about how he gets his subjects smiling naturally and with confidence when being photographed.  Here are some of his favourite techniques.

  • Don't say smile. This is the worst thing you can say. It will produce a false smile and is unimaginative.
  • Engage with your subject. Make friends. Appear interested but also be yourself and genuine. Make your subject feel special and tell them how easy they are to work with. This will put them at ease.
  • Clichés do work. Hands on hips makes someone project and feel more comfortable. You can also make them look round then back again with different smiles.
  • Make sure you're smiling and projecting positively yourself. It's infectious!
  • Say something funny. We all have a good joke or a story. This is otherwise known as an icebreaker. Do everything you can to get that smile.

The key learning is that you need to relax and get into the frame of mind to make a photograph work. Whether you're in front or behind the camera, it's important to know that a natural smile is a winning smile. If your teeth are in poor condition or you're wanting to maintain your perfect smile for that picture perfect moment, Simplyhealth dental insurance can help.

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