Not just for rabbits: Celery the superfood for your smile

Posted on November 5, 2015 by Simplyhealth

Celery Superfood for your teethCelery is one of those underrated vegetables that often goes overlooked when it comes to thinking of tasty dishes to prepare. But with a little TLC, it can be spruced up to make some delicious meals that are great for you. Not only is it good for our overall health, containing essential nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid and Vitamin A1, it's excellent for dental health too. This is partly because it contains lots of vitamin K2, which helps to keep bones healthy3. It's also due to the fact that it's a crunchy vegetable with a high water content, which are both factors that aid saliva production4. This helps to wash away any food particles and bacteria in the mouth, and in turn encourages the prevention of decay5.

Although we can fall back on things like dental insurance and repair if we do fall victim to tooth decay, prevention is always better than cure. So why not try some of the recipes below to give your smile a boost and maintain your dental health? 

Waldorf salad

This is a classic recipe and one that's great for lunch, a starter or a side dish. With crunchy celery and pears, which are good for your teeth for the same reason celery is, it's definitely one to watch out for when it comes to dental health. The creamy stilton and walnuts in this salad are a match made in heaven. And, as if that wasn't enough, nuts are full of the nutrients that keep your smile healthy, such as calcium and phosphorous.

Celery and bulgur salad

This salad also keeps the crunch in celery that helps to aid healthy saliva production - don't forget, recipes that use cooked celery means that it goes soft, and loses the hard texture needed to encourage saliva production. The ingredients in this dish are full of nutritional value, and the bulgur wheat makes it that bit more substantial than other salads. Plus it includes apples, which are another excellent food for dental health. You can read up about why here.

Fennel and celery salad

This fennel and celery salad is a light, tasty and nutritional dish that uses a whole six celery stalks. It's crisp, crunchy and sharp, with a lemon juice dressing that brings the humble vegetables to life. It can be assembled in a matter of minutes and incorporates just a few, carefully selected ingredients, making it an easy side dish that may just become a staple.

Celery, orange and mackerel salad

If you fancy taking things up a gear with your celery cook-book, why not try Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall's celery, orange and mackerel salad. It really packs a punch with lots of great - and sometimes unlikely - flavour combinations that work exceptionally well. Not only will you get all of those essential nutrients from the celery, you'll get vitamin C from the oranges, and a healthy portion of magnesium and phosphorus from the fish which also play a vital role in dental health6.

Celery is often reserved for bog-standard cheese boards and pre-dinner dips, but it needn't be that way for much longer. This superfood is not only an exciting ingredient but great for our teeth too. Little did we know that the crunchy green vegetable could bring so much to the table.

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