How to get summer ready!

Posted on June 20, 2019 by Jill Rawle

How to get summer ready

One minute we have glorious sunshine and the next the weather is wet and miserable. But let's look ahead to summer with positivity and high hopes of beautiful days spent basking in the sunshine with friends and family. Summer Solstice is here, which means the official start of British Summer Time - so let's make sure we're summer ready!

Here's how:

Luscious locks
The summer elements can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. So to prepare, give your locks and scalp some regular moisture with a good conditioner and stock up on your favourite heat protecting spray - but make sure it helps against the suns harmful rays as well. You could also try and avoid using too much heat on your hair by ditching your hair dryer and going with the wavy beach look by letting your hair dry naturally - just let it be - wavy hair looks fine anytime.

HY Sunscreen 2Skin that glows
When you dream about your skin in summer, you might envision it being tanned, smooth and glowing. But the reality can be quite different as you tackle sweat, sunburn and premature ageing. It's time to stock up on high factor sunscreen to protect your skin.  Make sure you re-apply every two hours and stay out of the midday to late afternoon sun whenever you can.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating is easier in summer when the supermarket shelves are brimming with plenty of colourful and vibrant fresh fruit and veg. Put away your slow cooker and say goodbye to those stodgy stews and make the most of summer produce with healthy BBQ's, picnics and lots of alfresco dining.

Stay hydrated
Don't forget to drink plenty of H20 - it should be your best friend in the summer months. By drinking plenty of water it will keep your body hydrated, flush out toxins and even increase your focus and concentration. Be prepared and make sure you have a refillable bottle on you at all times - your body will thank you.

Happy summer soles
After months of being shoved into ill-fitting shoes, neglected and covered up by socks and tights, it's time for your feet to shine. In summer, when feet sweat and swell more, they're more prone to infections, blisters and other ailments than any other time of the year. So now it's the perfect opportunity to make an appointment with a qualified podiatrist who can take care of those cracked heels, blisters and ingrown toe nails.

Ready, set, go - you're prepped for one awesome summer ahead of you!

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