Healthy ageing: information on how to age healthily

Posted on June 1, 2014
Information on Healthy Ageing¿

Healthy ageing: information on how to age healthily

A recent report, "Healthy Ageing" published by ShARP (Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel) and Simplyhealth, the UK's biggest health cash plan provider, uncovered some worrying statistics concerning the health of older Britons.  While there are some honest assessments to be made aware of, the report also identifies how older people can make healthier and ultimately more beneficial lifestyle changes.

The Healthy Ageing report highlights some of the common changes the body goes through as it ages and recommendations on how we can slow these processes down. Some of the changes may seem obvious, but a worrying proportion of older people do not take them into account when they're out enjoying their daily lives. For example, 16% of over 55 year olds are actively staying away from their local GPs and 20% are visiting their doctor less than younger age groups. Why is that? Remember, GPs can offer lifestyle advice, not just medical diagnosis.

Share our infographic with family and friends

These findings have been illustrated in this useful infographic, which can be shared among friends and family online. The information contained within has been directly taken from the Healthy Ageing report and the advice given comes recommended by some of the country's leading medical practitioners.

It's never too late to try something new

ShARP's report and the infographic highlight the need to remain active as we age. Whatever your age, it's never too late to try something new, something that gets the heart pumping and feet moving. Yes, you may see hordes of runners jogging round the local park on a Saturday morning, but running isn't just for the young. Neither is playing cricket or dancing. In fact, dancing comes highly recommended. Keeping active is about enjoying yourself, meeting other people and discovering new fun hobbies.

Download the Healthy Ageing report

If you want to learn more about keeping active and eating well in older age, why not download a copy of ShARP's  Healthy Ageing report.  Simply click on the icon shown in the healthy ageing infographic.


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