6 fashion faux-pas for your health

Posted on April 11, 2017 by Brynna Gabrielson

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Our everyday health can be affected by numerous things - food, exercise, and stress for example, but have you ever considered how the very clothes we wear can have an impact as well?  The frustrating truth is that some of our favourite wardrobe staples might actually be causing us problems!  Read on to find out which clothing items to be aware of.

Skinny Jeans

They may look awesome with a pair of ballet flats or boots, but if you suffer from back pain, your skinny jeans might just be the source!  According to the British Chiropractic Association, tight clothing like skinny jeans can restrict movement, particularly affecting the hips and knees, and thus changing the way we carry ourselves! If you love your skinny jeans, don't despair. The BCA suggests alternating them with other pieces in your wardrobe to give yourself a break! 

Overloaded bags

Oversized bags can be both fashionable and functional, but when filled to the brim they can also be a bit of a nuisance to carry and our bodies know it! The extra load puts a lot of weight and strain on our shoulders and arms. The British Chiropractic Association suggests routinely removing unnecessary items, and when your bag has a strap, alternating the shoulder you carry it on and if possible wearing it across your body.  They've also pointed out that a backpack is the best option as they evenly distribute weight across your shoulders.


Shapewear smooths lumps and bumps and holds everything in under that great dress, but it can also squish and squeeze your internal organs and produce some rather undesirable side effects! By putting more pressure on your stomach, those shaping shorts might also be pushing acid from your stomach up into your oesophagus, causing Acid Reflux!


Leggings are great for exercise and look great under a cute dress, but they can also contribute to some not so fantastic issues with your skin! As leggings are tight fitting, they can chafe against your skin and contribute to dryness and inflammation. Wearing leggings and sweating a lot can also lead to issues of a bacterial or fungal nature, leading to issues like Ringworm (red, scaly, itchy rash).

Flip Flops

The thwack of your flip flops against the ground may sound like Summer, but you're probably better off finding a sturdier pair of sandals for the season. Why? The reasons are numerous.  Thanks to the need to clutch them between your toes to keep them on, they can cause problems like bunions and hammertoe. Also, as they're thin and flat they provide no arch support which can wreak havoc on your feet and body, leading to pain in your feet, knees and even back. The lack of support can also change your posture.

High heels

Aside from the risk of toppling over and landing face first on the pavement, there are numerous negatives to wearing high heels. And if you've worn a pair you've probably already got a good idea what they are.  Heels increase pressure put on the balls of the feet and knees, and throw your hips and spine out of alignment. This can cause back pain, and over time the calf muscles to cramp and bulge! 

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