Dental gripes- Grin and bear it

Posted on June 16, 2014

Your mouth is one of the main features of your face, so it's important to take good care of your smile. We'd all prefer to have pearly whites to flash at any given opportunity. Despite our teeth being a key feature to our smiles, oral health is often overlooked. Busy schedules can interfere with regular dental visits, but it's not the only reason for avoiding a check-up.

You might be reluctant to make an appointment due to the cost of dental treatment, or perhaps you have a low pain tolerance. Dental anxiety or phobia is perhaps the most common reason for avoiding a dentist check-up. In a survey by the British Dental Health Foundation, 36% of people admitted that fear was the main reason for not regularly visiting the dentist.

The root cause?

Once bitten, twice shy: This well known phrase has some truth when it comes to visiting the dentist. An unpleasant experience can result in you avoiding a similar experience again in the future. Whether it was a painful experience or something more psychological, situations such as this can cause a fear to develop.

Lack of trust: Even though working with professionals should put you at ease, it isn't always the case. Many people can develop phobias, often associated with a feeling of helplessness. Trust and safety are incredibly important. The thought of sitting in a dentist chair can trigger anxiety. A dentist who isn't understanding or trustworthy can deter patients from visiting. Finding a dentist with a sympathetic ear can help you to relax and feel at ease.

Drilling pain: The thought of pain can keep people from seeing a dentist. The thought of impending painful treatment, assumed anxiety or perhaps a previous bad experience can trigger fear. According to a report by Martin Tickle, professor of dental public health at Manchester University, anxious patients are four times more likely to experience pain. The high pitched noise of a dentist's drill is just one of the many triggers that can cause fear and anxiety.

Self-conscious smile: For those who are self-conscious about the condition of their smile, visiting the dentist can be challenging. Although treatment is the solution to this dental dilemma, overcoming the embarrassment can sometimes be too difficult. By gaining the confidence to see a dentist, you can soon receive the treatment to bring a smile back to your face.

Poor oral health can manifest in many ways, so it's important to maintain good oral health to keep you smiling everydayevery day. Whatever the reason is for skipping those dentist visits, don't just grin and bear your daily tooth care, protect your teeth with excellent oral hygiene.

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