Coaching Comfort: Introducing Kate Cook

Posted on November 27, 2013

Kate Cook is the director and founder of The Nutrition Coach, a nutritional clinic in London that offers a range of help in using healthy food to boost your health and sense of wellbeing. Since graduating from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 1997, she has seen over 5,000 patients, face-to-face, offering them expert advice on a range of different topics regarding healthy eating.

Kate's philosophy centres on keeping things simple, practical, easy, but most of all effective. Instead of nutrition being a rigidly tight discipline with restriction after restriction being imposed upon a client, all resulting in the need for perfection, she aims to endorse the advantages of eating great foods.

She has presented workshops and courses to employees of some of the UK's biggest companies, helping them understand the virtues of eating healthily at work and identifying the steps to take in order to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. Kate believes that sometimes life gets in the way of healthy living. She is leading an unrelenting campaign to help corporate UK take 'wellness' more seriously and make it more of a priority. Our working lives typically include complicated schedules, heavy demands and punishing commitments, which Kate believes can hinder our nutrimental diet and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. She has therefore developed a coaching arm of The Nutrition Coach's activities, which allows her clients to identify what is holding them back in their life, what their intentions are for the future and then gently works with them to develop a plan to fulfil those needs.

She is a firm believer that good nutritional eating leads to a greater life, one free of stress and anxiety, and that eating healthily can help reinvent the self in order to live an exciting and fulfilled life... to the max!

As our working lives become increasingly fast moving and frantic and too many of us are pushing our minds and bodies to the absolute limit. Kate is a real game changing agent. She has the inherent ability to encourage, coax and challenge people to change their busy and breathless lifestyles for the better; employing a more measured and sustainable approach to living with obvious benefits.  She is able to identify barriers holding people back and what they need to do in order to flourish both emotionally and mentally; balancing a frantic working lifestyle with quaint home living.

Kate is an accomplished author of critically acclaimed books: Get Healthy for Good, Drop a Dress Size and An Unfit Mother. She also writes regularly for Marie-Claire, Men's Health, Red, Zest and Closer - so she knows her stuff.

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