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Top UK websites for health in later life

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Helen Field
Have you ever wondered how you or your family will cope with health in later life? Whether you're looking for information to support yourself in older age, or you're looking for ways to help an elderly relative, there are several useful websites and organisations which can support you and your family. In this blog we look at a few you'll want to remember. Continue Reading

Six steps to growing old gracefully and healthily

Posted on November 27, 2014 by Simplyhealth
The beauty of life is, of course, that it is full of contradictions: the grandmother who spent the last 70 years smoking outliving the yoga lover, the junk food consumer who has a healthier heart than the organic food appreciator or simply genetics challenging a life's good work. But as the evidence shows, healthy living is worth it.
A recent report, "Healthy Ageing" published by ShARP (Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel) and Simplyhealth, the UK's biggest health cash plan provider, uncovered some worrying statistics concerning the health of older Britons.  While there are some honest assessments to be made aware of, the report also identifies how older people can make healthier and ultimately more beneficial lifestyle changes.