6 great health/fitness tracking apps

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Brynna Gabrielson

Apple HealthWith so many technological advancements and new devices and apps coming out, there are many ways tech can help support your #everydayhealth. Wearable devices can collect a myriad of data on things like steps, activities, sleep and your heart rate - but these devices work even better when used in tandem with some of the great apps that are available. In some cases the apps will work right alongside wearable devices, and in other cases they may just complement each other in achieving your health goals. Either way, we've put together a list of some of our favourite apps that can help you track your #everydayhealth. 

1. Fitbit
While the app is certainly enhanced by using a Fitbit device alongside it, you can still make great use of the Fitbit app without one. Fitbit has created its own food database, so you can track your food consumption. Whether you're watching calories, or simply monitoring how much fibre or sugar you're consuming, this is a great feature. You can also log how much water you're drinking, input activities, track your weight, and monitor how well you sleep. And if you do add a Fitbit to the mix you'll be able to track even more - like steps, floors climbed, activities, heart rate etc.

2. MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal has been kicking around for quite some time and has proven to be quite popular - it ranks within the top 100 free apps in the Apple App store, and has over 110,000 reviews! With a massive food database, MyFitnessPal is a great app for logging food consumption and is a useful tool when trying to lose weight. You can also track exercise, and it syncs with a number of wearable devices and apps, like Fibit! 

3. Health (Apple)
The Apple Health app, is available on the iPhone 4s or later, and comes as part of iOS 8 and above. In addition to tracking steps, you can also keep track of your body measurements, nutrition, reproductive health, sleep, and even things  like blood pressure and temperature.  You can even log how much caffeine you're consuming and when. The health app works alongside a number of other apps you may use to track health data, and can pull that information in to your dashboard, or share it out. For example, you can permit Apple Health and MyFitnessPal to share data across the apps.

4. Sleeptime
Many wearable devices have features which can track your quality of sleep, however, if you aren't using a wearable tracker, you can actually get similar data just from using an app on your phone and laying it beside you in bed. One great app to use is Sleeptime, which actually works as an alarm, waking you up when it senses you're in the lightest sleep phase. It will also record your movement throughout the night to provide an analysis you can review in the morning.

5. Argus
Argus is a handy, all around health tracking app that can help you to lose weight, or simply reach a fitness goal. Like MyFitnessPal is has a food database so you can track calories. It also has places for you to track how much coffee and water you're drinking, and using the flash on your phone's camera it can even take your heart rate. Another great feature - it works alongside the Sleeptime app to monitor your sleep. Also great - you can sync it with devices like the Fibit!

6. Map My Run
Map My Run is a handy app from Under Armour that will track activities like running or walking. All you need to do is open the app, select track workout, and then get moving. The app will track how long you've been going, calories burned, distance travelled, and will also use your phone's GPS to map your route. Once you've finished your workout you can save it with notes, and share it with friends or on social media! You can also upgrade the app for an annual fee, with some notably interesting features, such as the ability to turn on Live Tracking so your family or friends can keep an eye on your route and make sure you're safe.