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Private Medical Insurance

In May 2015 Simplyhealth announced that we planned to withdraw from the Private Medical Insurance market and arrange the transfer of existing policyholders to AXA PPP healthcare Limited.

Existing Simplyhealth customer

If you have a query about an existing claim or about your policy please call Simplyhealth on 0800 294 6796

Existing Member leaving a company scheme 

If you are an existing Simplyhealth member leaving a company scheme and would like to continue your Private Medical Insurance, we have agreed for AXA PPP healthcare to provide this. 

Please call AXA PPP on 0800 85 43 45 to obtain a quote.

Alternatively you can email them or visit the AXA PPP healthcare website.

Already a Simply Personal Health customer?

Call the Customer Services team on

0800 294 6796 

Mon to Fri: 8am to 6pm

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