What does your work / life balance say about you?

Published: 01 May 2015

As an employer, your agenda is bound to be filled with all of the different aspects that go into keeping a body of staff fit, healthy and productive. From researching the best business health insurance to planning the next staff do, a lot goes into keeping your employees happy, and ultimately retaining them.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is often imperative to a person's life satisfaction and general wellbeing. This can be equally as beneficial for you, the employer, as it is for them, with an even work-life balance leading to a less stressed and more resilient workforce.

The way in which people manage their work-life roles varies greatly. Whilst some keep them entirely separate, others blur the boundaries between what's going on in the office and at home. Research has shown that there are in fact three work-life management styles, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The quiz below is designed to help employees discover which of the styles they fall into and, in turn, advise them where the pros and cons lie within them. 

Work Life Balance Infographic

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