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At Simplyhealth we know that attracting and retaining employees and keeping them healthy is vital to the success of your business.
We want to help you to create a healthy workplace for your colleagues so we've put useful hints and tips in here as well as articles and reports.

article icon The employer's guide: Promoting healthy lunches at work

One significant contributor to staff health that should be considered by all employers is diet, particularly in the workplace. It's no secret that hectic schedules, long days and back-to-back meetings hinder people in their quest to eat well, with convenience out-trumping concerns about health on a regular basis.

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hub orange article icon How to promote fitness at work: Incentives and initiatives

Living an active lifestyle is, by now, considered to be one of the most important elements in staying fit and healthy, fighting off major illnesses and prolonging our life-spans.

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hub orange article icon What the new government could mean for health services and cover

Health was a key election issue, but beyond the politics of campaign season there was a focus on the context that the NHS will operate in over the coming months and years: growing service pressures and a lack of sufficient funding.

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hub orange article icon How does flexible working affect mental health?

Flexible working has become a hot topic over the past year. And although debate has tended to focus on the practical benefits, the health benefits of flexible working are huge too.

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hub orange article icon Raising awareness and breaking the stigma to manage absence

A big part of looking after your employees is putting supportive measures in place to help with not only their physical health, but also their mental health and wellbeing.

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article icon Supporting your employees' mental health and reducing absence rates

More and more employers are recognising the importance of helping to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace. This article explores how employers can create a supportive environment and reduce absence rates..

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hub orange article icon Supporting young people's mental health in the workplace

Imagine you're fresh out of school or college and you have a mental health condition, and you're about to enter the workplace with no support. That's a pretty frightening thought...

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Absence Management

The annual average cost of absence per employee is £522, with costs considerably higher in the public sector.

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