NSG Environmental Ltd

"The Simplyhealth Cash Plan has been a great tool for us in terms of retention. In the last 2 years we've seen 75% less people leave the company. Employees really value the scheme and it is definitely a factor when people are making decisions about their future. It has also been really beneficial in terms of recruitment, as it helps to give us an edge over our competitors and shows prospective employees that we care about their wellbeing and their health and safety, something which is of big importance in our industry.

"The Cash Plan has also helped us to manage long term absence and keep our absence rates down at between 1% and 3%. It allows for good opening questions in return-to-work interviews and we can suggest that employees use the plan to resolve any issues that may lead to absence. A great example is one of our employees who suffered with a back problem. We were able to suggest to him that he could visit a physiotherapist for treatment and use his plan to claim the money back, allowing him to get back to work as quickly as possible. 

"The plan is really hassle free to administer, all the information is at your fingertips and the self service facility is easy to use. The employees also find it beneficial that they can access their plans online and see their benefits.

"We are looking to gain the Investors in People Health and Wellbeing Award. I think the Simplyhealth Cash Plan could be instrumental in helping us to achieve this. The Cash Plan really complements what we are looking to do with our benefits package in the future."

Lesley Wood
NSG Environmental Ltd

Leeds City Council

"The health plan that we offer through Simplyhealth is highly valued by our employees, shown by the 12.5% take up rate which makes it one of the most popular voluntary benefits that we offer. 

"As an organisation we have a responsibility to look after the health and wellbeing of our employees, after all having healthy and happy employees can lead to a more productive workforce. We run other health and wellbeing initiatives to help our employees to be proactive about their health, offering a health cash plan to employees alongside these is the perfect complement. 

"Simplyhealth is great when it comes to promoting the plan. Their team of worksite representatives are able to reach all our employees who are spread over hundreds of locations. This gives all our employees the opportunity to meet somebody face to face, ask questions and get an understanding of the plan. It also encourages take up, if employees are taking up the plan, we know that they value it, helping us to justify the importance of offering benefits to our employees.

"The scheme is simple and easy to administer. Our account manager Norma is wonderful. She is passionate and enthusiastic and is always on hand to deal with any queries. Having a central point of contact is great, Norma always keeps us informed of any initiatives that are being run throughout the year and makes sure that we have literature available for any interested employees.

"Simplyhealth make life easy too, our employees can access their plans online whenever they want to and can make their claims online. The money is usually back in their bank account within a few days.

"Simplyhealth is recommended to any other large organisations that want to offer a voluntary benefit which is simple and easy to administer but more importantly valued by employees."

Jackie Standring
Head of Payroll Services
Leeds City Council


"Membership take up rates have seen a significant increase in such a short period of time from when the new benefit went live to our colleagues. Membership is currently over 34,000 whereas our previous plan in four years had reached approximately 6,000 members. Therefore take up has exceeded our expectations and we continue to review and develop how we can promote the plan with Simplyhealth to our wide colleague base."

Matt Himsworth
Reward Advisor


"The implementation and launch was a great success, the Simplyhealth team really supported us with communications and promotional materials to ensure it went smoothly and colleagues were engaged from the start."

Charlotte Partridge
Benefit and Reward Policy Manager
Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

New Charter Housing Trust Group

"We introduced the plan here at New Charter Housing in June 2012 because we wanted to give something back to our staff. We went to market, but decided to choose Simplyhealth because of its great reputation and also because their core plan suited the business perfectly.

"A number of employees have provided brilliant feedback. Two of our Health and Safety advisors have been to the local physiotherapist which really helped them get the treatment they need without having to consider the cost. I have personally taken advantage of the dental benefits while my husband has just had some physiotherapy which has been a huge help.

"Simplyhealth is always one step ahead, and our account manager Martine has been great. She doesn't wait for us to contact her and also makes sure the administration is seamless by coordinating any invoices and ensuring our starters and leavers are processed. The plan covers everything we need as a business and I would definitely introduce it in another company."

Nicola Dugdale
Human Resources Co-ordinator
New Charter Housing Trust Group

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

"The Simplyhealth plan is one of the most popular benefits that we offer. By offering the Simplyhealth plan to our employees, it encourages them to be proactive about their health. For example, some people might put off going to the dentist because of the cost, with the Simplyhealth plan our employees have the reassurance and peace of mind knowing that they can claim money back towards the cost of their treatment.

"Simplyhealth does a great job of promoting the plan. Their worksite team visit all our employees across our various sites. It allows employees to find out what the plan is all about and ask any questions. It's more effective than having posters dotted around or an advert on the back of payslips.

"Working with Simplyhealth is straightforward and easy.  Our account manager Norma is hands on and proactive. We have worked together now for over 16 years and have built up a really good relationship and a mutual understanding of each other's needs. She is always on hand to answer any questions, dealing with them in a swift and efficient manner.

"Working with Simplyhealth is easy and hassle free. The scheme is easy to administer and Simplyhealth are always clear in their communications. The all-round process from admin to account management is seamless.

"I would highly recommend Simplyhealth to any other large organisations looking to offer an employee benefit that is not only simple and easy to administer but also highly valued by employees."

Mark Johnson
Payroll Manager
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Wildhern School

"Being investors in people, the health and wellbeing of our employees is of real importance to us. The Simplyhealth plan allows our employees to look after their everyday health. The option of having the Employee Assistance Programme is a useful tool for our employees. The optical benefit allows us to meet our duty of care obligations to our employees. Our cost analysis showed that the plan is great value for money compared with other healthcare providers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simplyhealth to any other school or college."

Claire Twyman
Personnel Officer
Wildern School

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