Mental Health Awareness Week: Are your employees thriving or just surviving?

Posted on May 9, 2017 by Victoria Cummins

HW depression in workplace

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, bringing to light the benefits of having good mental health in everyone's everyday lives, including your employees.

The Mental Health Foundation's awareness week is a reminder that mental health isn't just about focusing on those who have poor mental health, but promoting best practice to achieve good mental health.

Having happy, healthy and fit employees not only improves your workplace morale, but significantly helps to boost productivity and reduce both short and long term absence.

At Simplyhealth, we only focus on everyday health so you can rely on our specialist knowledge and expertise to deliver effective wellbeing strategies. We work in partnership with you to help promote a preventative approach, encouraging employees to be proactive about their health.

To support you to promote good mental health in your workplace, we've come up with our five top tips to help your employees to feel tip top at work!

  • Mood food
    We all know that eating healthily comes with great feel-good benefits. Introducing a monthly or weekly free fruit basket for your employees to help themselves to promotes healthy eating in the workplace, whilst showing that you're a caring employer.
  • Best foot forward
    We're constantly being told that as a society, we spend far too much time at our desks with our minds and bodies suffering the consequences. Encourage your employees to go for a gentle thirty minute walk during their lunch break, helping them to clear their head, boost their outlook on the day and reduces the risk of chronic illnesses.
  • Take the time to talk
    Removing the stigma which is traditionally attached to mental health illnesses can encourage employees who are going through tough times to come forward and seek help. Hosting an informal discussion or inviting a local mental health charity representative to speak to your employees about the prevalence of mental health issues will begin to break down barriers and encourage discussion.
  • Management training
    Employees' line managers are usually the first people to notice if the mood of their employee has changed or if they appear to be struggling. Ensuring your managers receive the right level of education and training to understand and support those in their workforce with mental health issues.
  • Introduce a health and wellbeing benefit
    Health and wellbeing benefits often provide a value for money approach which helps you to supporting your employees' health and wellbeing as a whole. As an example, Simplyhealth's myWellbeing portal provides access to a confidential 24/7 advice and counselling phone line - a fantastic tool to support colleagues battling mental health problems.

At the end of May, we will be releasing our 'Simplyhealth: Health and wellbeing benefits guide' containing new insights into employer and employee opinions of workplace benefits, with practical support to help you implement a health and wellbeing workplace strategy.

Register today to receive a free copy of the guide on its release day, here.