The benefits of a Simply Cash Plan

The treatments and benefits of a business Simply Cash plan differ from plan to plan, so for full details of what is included in each plan then just give us a call and we can put together the best package for your needs.

However to give you a taste of what's available in our range of business health care plans we've outlined below a selection of the different types of treatments and benefits on offer.

Counselling services
Supporting you in tackling mental health problems by providing access to telephone and face-to-face counselling.

Speak to or see a GP
Help your employees avoid GP waiting times with 24/7 access to telephone GP consultations, or web chat consultations during business hours. Cash back towards the cost of seeing a GP privately.

Visits to complementary therapists including physiotherapy
Help reduce musculoskeletal related absence, with money back towards physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and reflexology visits.

Health assessment
Encouraging employees to be proactive about their health, with money back towards a health assessment that includes: BMI and body fat percentage, blood pressure reading, cholesterol or diabetes check and kidney or liver function checks. Employees can receive a discount if booked through a Simplyhealth provider.

Visits to an optician
Supporting you with your duty of care obligations, by providing money back towards sight tests, glasses and contact lenses.

Dental accident
Offer financial support to your employees by providing money back towards dental treatment as a result of an accident.

Visits to a dentist or hygienist
Encouraging your employees to be proactive about their oral health, with money back towards everyday dental treatment, hygienist fees, fillings, check-ups and more.

X-rays and scans
Avoid NHS waiting times, with money back towards X-rays and scans when referred by a consultant.

Make life a little bit easier for your employees, with money back towards NHS and private prescriptions. If prescribed through our 'Speak to a GP' service, private prescriptions can then be delivered to a work or home address.

Lifestyle and diet
Encourage your employees to make the right choices with health and fitness information and money back towards the cost of consultations with a dietitian.

Helping your employees to be proactive about their health and wellbeing, with exercise suggestions plus discounts at health clubs and gyms

Travel advice and vaccinations
Help your employees with travel advice and information, plus money back towards the cost of vaccinations and inoculations.

Hospital stays
Provide peace of mind for employees by providing a cash amount if they are admitted to hospital for up to 20 days/nights each year. Amount payable is per day/night.

New child payment
Support employees financially with a single cash amount if they have a baby or adopt a child (6 month qualifying period).

Hospital stay with a child
Support your employees financially with money towards overnight stays in hospital with a child for up to 10 nights each year. Amount payable is per night.

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