Addressing the challenges of the 4G workforce

The new reality of the multigenerational workforce means there are four generations at work at the same time, ranging from the age of 16 to over 65 years-old.

The challenge of recruiting, retaining, managing and engaging a diverse workforce while remaining cost effective has changed now that the era of one-size-fits-all benefits is over. Employers are now tasked with offering a wide range of benefits to appeal to employees at varying stages of their lives and who have different motivations at work.

What this white paper covers:

  • The current make-up of the multigenerational workforce and their differing needs
  • What challenges employers face when offering flexible benefits to recruit, retain, motivate and engage employees
  • How reward professionals can use flexible benefits to meet these challenges and achieve strategic HR goals whilst remaining cost effective
  • Practical suggestions for communication plans to ensure maximum take up by employees

View the report here.

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