Our report to you 2016

Reflecting on 2016 and looking ahead to an ambitious future

Welcome to our Annual Report 2016

We're the kind of people who live by a purpose and our customers are our number one priority.  We have over half a million health conversations with our customers every year.  We listen to what they think; we listen to what they need; and we work tirelessly to develop new and innovative products and services, meaning they and their families can lead the happiest, healthiest lives thanks to better everyday health. We're proud to share our Annual Report 2016 with you here - giving you an insight into how we performed last year and exactly what we've been doing to ensure we deliver on our purpose for our customers. We're also pleased to share with you some of our ambitious plans for growth during the year ahead as we continue to focus on creating value for our customers and colleagues, partner with our health-related charities to help them thrive, and support health professionals. All while ensuring we're the first place people to turn to for extra help with their everyday health.

Download our 2016 Annual report here to read more about how and what we did in 2016 and our plans for supporting even more customers in the future. 

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You can also download our brand new 'Feel Good' magazine giving you even more
insight into how Simplyhealth is helping customers lead happier, healthier lives.

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2016 highlights

  • Profit after tax of £0.8m (up £0.2m - 2015)
  • We donated £1.6m to 23 health-related charitable partners
  • We had over half a million health conversations with our customers and paid over 3 million everyday health claims
  • We signed a number of new partners to our new 50/50 Dental Practice Partnership pilot scheme, as part of our ongoing commitment to investment and innovation in the dental market
  • We launched Simplyhealth Care Community, our online community offering people who are caring for an elderly loved one the chance to discuss their concerns with people in a similar situation

Tax Strategy

Taking a responsible approach to tax risk.

Our customers' best interests are at the heart of our business. That's why we're making sure we're delivering the most value to them as possible by taking responsibility when it comes to managing tax risk. Learn how we do this in the document below.

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Romana Abdin

A note from Romana

"Our purpose it to help people make the most of life through better everyday health, and we can only do this by meeting the needs of our customers.   2016 was about listening to and learning from our customers, enabling us to develop and deliver exceptional innovation and customer service. 

For 2017 and beyond, there are big challenges to face across the healthcare system. But we believe we can make a much bigger difference by having a crucial role to play in improving the nation's health and I look forward to sharing the exciting plans we have to help us achieve our ambitions!."

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Our Board will help us to achieve our ambitions, while ensuring that Simplyhealth remains stable, secure and ready to meet the healthcare needs of the future.

Our journey

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Case Study - Rob and Jay

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Case Study - Caroline Batchelor

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