Helping NHS staff look after their everyday health

Posted on July 4, 2018 by Tracy Williams Simplyhealth Benefit Consultant, North

AU Tracey"I've worked at Simplyhealth for 13 years and currently work in the North West division of our Field Sales team. For the last nine years, I've been looking after a number NHS Trusts within the North West and have developed a really good relationship with them. 

As a Benefit Consultant, my role is to visit workplaces and speak to employees about how we can help them look after their own health. I love working with the NHS, because hospitals are such busy places and often staff don't have time to think about their own wellbeing. I visit every month and try to speak as many employees as possible, either by setting up stands in receptions, presenting at inductions or even attending wellbeing events. There's always something going on in a hospital; Adult learning week, Midwifery day, Nurses day and many other events all help with employee wellbeing. It's good to be a part of this national treasure and to play a part in helping to look after NHS staff, which in turn helps them to look after patients.

Our health plans help to keep the staff fit, well and healthy. Many people often tell me about how they use their plans. It's great to hear how we are helping those who help us to look after themselves too and promote good everyday health for themselves and their families.  

I enjoy working with the doctors and nurses that I meet, and I like to fact find about other departments and events and visit them, such as the IT department or those in A&E, theatre and critical care. I find it fascinating to work with and learn about those who help our society every day and let them know how Simplyhealth can help them look after their own health."