Just what is a Director of Proposition?

Posted on January 23, 2017 by Jayne Fearn

Tom Beddoes tells all about his fascinating new role and his rapid rise within Simplyhealth....

Tom Beddoes Name : Tom Beddoes
Role:  Director of Proposition - Corporate & Consumer

How did you come to join the Simplyhealth team?

I was looking for an opportunity to ditch the daily commute into London from Salisbury as a contractor and, with a young family, decided the time was right to re-evaluate my life.   Simplyhealth is known as a family-friendly employer and, being in Andover it just made sense to explore my options. The fact that I've always had an interest in health and fitness and that Simplyhealth has big ambitions which align to my values was a the 'icing on the cake',

And how did things progress from there?

I joined Simplyhealth in July 2014, working as a 'Salesforce' programme manager.  After a year and a half I moved onto new proposition work, looking at how we could innovate and bring new solutions to our consumer and corporate customers. Then, within six months of that move I managed to gain promotion to Director. 

So your progression has been pretty rapid?

Absolutely - it's great to be recognised and to be given the opportunity to be part of the team that will drive innovation. I believe the solutions we currently provide for consumers and corporate customers fit really well with the changing nature of the NHS and health landscape in the UK however, there is a huge opportunity now to both develop new propositions, and to transform the way we offer them to customers by harnessing technology.

What's your view of Simplyhealth now you're two years in?

I believe that change represents opportunity, and I've certainly tried to make change work in my favour. I now have a healthy work and home life balance and am really enjoying my new role.  Simplyhealth is a company with big ambition and untapped potential and I relish the challenge of reinventing what healthcare looks like to all our customers, and to making sure we are all more connected.  By that I mean connected across our business, and connected with customers, professionals and our various partners across both private and public health services. Being more connected should help us provide quality products and services that truly support people with their everyday health needs. 

And what are your ambitions for the next two years?

Simplyhealth has already helped me achieve my professional ambition to become a director of an ambitious forward thinking organisation and, on the personal front has given me the flexibility to balance my work/home life, spend time with my family and train toward my private ambition of running a 40 minute 10k.  

Going forward I see myself as a catalyst for change and innovation, and would love to be in a position where we have realised some of our new projects and concepts. My aim is to help take the company forward and provide truly innovative health propositions to customers.